Zendaya’s Boyfriend, Net Worth and Tom Holland (Pics, Bio, Dating)

One of the secrets to becoming wealthy is to generate income from different sources. But in the case of Zendaya, the secret to her wealth is the income from multiple talents that she possesses. Zendaya is an American actress, singer, model, and entrepreneur, most known for her roles in films like Spiderman, Euphoria, and The Greatest Showman.

Through this blog post, Rad Virals is going to curb the curiosity of fans regarding how Zendaya made a fortune acquiring millions of net worth. Read on to find a lot more about Zendaya’s net worth, personal life, relationships, ethnicity, and her career.

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Zendaya: Achievements & Career

Undoubtedly, Zendaya has gracefully transitioned from a child star of Disney to an adult actress and singer of Hollywood. Feminist Zendaya is a supporter of women’s rights and many social campaigns like Stomp Out Bullying.

She got her first fame for her role of Rocky Blue in the television series Shake It Up. Zendaya started earning from her childhood as a child actor before getting her big break as Rocky Blue. After getting in the limelight, the girl with the guts never looked back on her voyage to fame.

Zendaya’s Journey in Hollywood

She worked in multiple niches including a backup dancer, a model and she also worked for advertisements for toys. Having worked in sitcoms, movies, and other events of Hollywood, she nailed every single opportunity single-handedly.

This superhot multi-talented actress won many accolades of which Primetime Emmy Awards, Satellite Award, and Saturn Award are to name a few. Recently the 24-year-old actress was spotted in Los Angeles on the premiere of her new movie Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Millionaire Zendaya has proved to the world that it is not necessary to learn trading in stocks to become rich. It is just plain hard work and consistency that make a millionaire.

Zendaya: Personal Life

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Early Childhood of Zendaya

Zendaya’s early childhood revolved around theatre and movies as her mother was a house manager at California Shakespeare Theatre. Her career as a multi-talented actress was due to theatrical experiences that she gained from her childhood. The little Zendaya started performing at the theatre and also joined a hip-hop dance group.

Zendaya’s Real Name and Zendaya’s Last Name Meaning

Named as Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman in Oakland, California, the actress uses only her first name professionally. Zendaya was quite influenced by the theatre and artists from the beginning. Her parents named her Zendaya which means to give thanks in the Shona language. Zendaya got her middle name Stoermer from her mother and her last name Coleman from her father.

Here a video where Zendaya talks about the exact meaning of her real name:

Zendaya’s Birthday

Zendaya took birth on September 1, 1996, in California. She attended Fruitvale Elementary School in the beginning years of her life where her mother worked as a teacher.

Zendaya Weight

Zendaya’s daily fitness routine and vegetarian diet is the reason behind her active lifestyle. She weighs only 130 pounds.  Though she is not a gym person still she keeps herself fit with daily exercises. Also, the actress is found busy preparing for dance items while shooting for the movie that keeps her fit and fabulous throughout the year.

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Zendaya’s Parents

Her parents belong to a different ethnic origins. Her father, KazembeAjamu Coleman is an African-American and her mother, Claire Stoermer is German and Scottish by ethnicity. Her mother was a teacher in an elementary school and later served as House Manager in a theatre.

Zendaya Siblings

Zendaya has five siblings named Kaylee Stoermer (half-sibling), Katianna (half-sibling), Julien (half-sibling), Annabella (half-sibling), and Austin (half-sibling).

Zendaya Ethnicity

Actress-singer Zendaya talks openly about her African-German roots that she has inherited from her parents. She is proud of having a mix of both cultures and talks about what more she can do to the society with her ethnicity. She thinks that when you know your culture you become aware of who you are. It’s all in your name.

Zendaya No Makeup Look

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Disney Star Zendaya sometimes prefers to remain to make up free.  The most interesting fact in this context is she went without makeup for the audition for the Spiderman movie. She said I thought no makeup look would fit the audition of a 15-year old character and she fixed her slot pretty fast in the first attempt.

Zendaya’s Dating and Relationships

When it comes to Zendaya’s relationships in the past, her name has been connected to high-profile celebrities. Let us stroll around her timeline of relationships of the past.

Zendaya’s Boyfriends

Talking about her relationships will not be a difficult task as Zendaya was always in news for her patch-ups and breakups. Zendaya‘s first boyfriend was Adam Irigoyen. The relationship lasted for few months.

Zendaya and Tom Holland

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Zendaya met Tom Holland on the sets of Spiderman movies. It is said that the couple was spotted in Los Angeles doing off-screen romance.

Zendaya and Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi, a Euphoria co-star of Zendaya is reported to be the best friend of Zendaya, as she calls him so. But the couple is rumored to be seen kissing last year in New York City. Their relationship was assumed to be ended when Jacob was seen holding hands with Kaia Gerber, an American model.

Zendaya and ZacEfron

Zendaya’s collaboration with ZacEfron in the song Rewrite the Stars resulted in some romantic tie-ups with Efron. The couple worked in The Greatest Showman musical album that broke musical sales records of that year.

Current Friendship of Zendaya and Bella Thorne

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Bella Thorne, a co-star of Shake It Up sitcom is on good terms with Zendaya. Bella Thorne once a very close friend of Zendaya still admits that she is happy for the name and fame that Zendaya has gained to date.

Zendaya’s Sexuality is Frequently Discussed in Public

Is Zendaya Gay?

Fans keep guessing her sexuality now and then. Although Zendaya talks openly about what she likes in a man or a woman and she never confirmed her sexuality on screen. Well, fans know she has a heart of gold and appreciates kindness in every human being.

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Zendaya Movies and TV Shows

The Emmy Winner has worked in television series, music albums, and Hollywood movies and still going on. It is not surprising to know that her career began at an early age and her first television gig was for the comedy series Shake It Up in 2010. Zendaya barely missed any chance to grow in her career. Her first debut single Swag It Out was released in 2011. Her notable roles in Frenemies and Michelle in Spiderman: Homecoming have left a remarkable influence on fans.

Zendaya’s Role in Spiderman

Zendaya as MJ

In Marvel’s Spiderman: Homecoming star Zendaya was portrayed as Michelle Jonas. The actress was praised as the most valuable player for the iconic performance of the comic character in the movie. Many fans of her know the fact that Zendaya wore no makeup when auditioned for the movie.

Zendaya’s Role in The Greatest Showman

Zendaya’s role as a trapeze artist in the musical drama The Greatest Showman received lots of praises. She was loved for her chemistry with the artist Zac Efron and for bringing a touch of sensitivity to the tracks. She performed in three tracks of the album.

Zendaya’s Net Worth

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As of now, Zendaya’s net worth is $15 million. The multifaceted actress owns a home in Los Angeles along with an apartment in Brooklyn. Zendaya’s multiple talents help her generate income from many sources. Still, many upcoming projects are going to fill the pockets of Zendaya.

We will keep you updating with her latest information and plans. Know more about the Hottest Actresses in Their 20s

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