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If you use Twitch, you might have come across the internet sensation, Félix Lengyel, alias, xQc. Today, in this article, we’re going to break down xQc net worth, his life, achievements, career, and girlfriend.

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Who is xQc?

xQc or xQcOW’s real name is Felix Lengyel who is a Canadian YouTuber and a professional Overwatch player. He is best known for his humorous retorts and entertaining, funny personality.

who is xqc
Instagram @xqcow1

In 2018, xQc represented the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League. In 2017, 18, and 19, he also played in three Overwatch world cups for Canada. Besides Overwatch League, he also participated in other tournaments, including Overwatch Contenders. He actively played for teams, such as Denial eSports, Q?, Arc 6, Dallas Fuel, and GOATS. 

xQc Age

xQc was born in Laval, Quebec, Canada on 12th November 1995. As of 2021, xQc will turn 26 years in November.

xQc Height

xQc is of French-Canadian descent and 6ft 2 inches / 187.9 cm tall. 

xQc Net worth

According to Sports Keeda, xQc net worth is estimated to be around $4 Million, as a result of the quality subscriber count on Twitch. He also earns a handsome amount of revenue through his YouTube channel.

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Instagram @xqcow1

However, unlike many famous streamers, xQc doesn’t enjoy several sources of income and very rarely takes on sponsorship deals.

xQc’s major source of income comes as an Influencer of Luminosity Gaming. 

In the past, xQc also released his own merchandise that sold out pretty fast.

xQc Career

xQc made his professional Overwatch debut in 2016 as a member of Team Q?

From 2016 to 2017, he played for Denial eSports. Throughout his career, he played briefly for team Arc 6, which was formerly known as YIKES!

xqc net worth
Instagram @xqcow1

However, xQc joined Team Canada in 2017. He then competed in the Overwatch World Cup campaign. Even though they lost to South Korea in the finals, xQc received the highest number of votes for the T-mobile MVP of the tournament. 

He has been an avid Twitch streamer since 2014 and a famous YouTuber since 2015. However, towards the beginning of 2019, xQc began streaming full-time on Twitch. 

As for now, he regularly posts videos on YouTube with more than 640 Million views on his content. 

Where does xQc mainly stream?

xQc live-streams on Twitch and posts general gaming videos on YouTube. 

He was the most-watched streamer and 29th most-followed streamer on Twitch in 2019. xQc gained popularity within a short time because of his witty nature and entertaining streaming style.

xQc Girlfriend 

In 2020, xQc was rumored to be dating Adeptthebest, who is also a famous Twitch streamer. However, none of them actually confirmed it.

However, in March 2021, Felix tweeted something that caught his fans’ attention but unfortunately, there is nothing more to the news than the tweet. 

Who is Adeptthebest?

Instagram @adeptthebest

Adeptthebest is a Twitch star and a social media personality who rose to fame through her Twitch channel. 

How did xQc and Adept meet?

Even though Adept and xQc are roommates and best friends and they have always shrugged off the rumors of their relationship, fans were adamant that they were more than friends.

And so, xQc and Adept had no other choice but to confirm the news when a hilarious slip-up happened on the live stream. 

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Instagram @adeptthebest

In a recent stream, Adept was minding her own business when xQc walked in and gave her two kisses on the forehead. This stream confirmed they both are in a relationship and the couple had no escape except for making their relationship official. 

How old is Adeptthebest?

Adeptthebest was born on 3rd March 1994. As of 2021, she is 25 years of age.

Her real name is Sam and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

What ethnicity is is Adeptthebest?

Adeptthebest was born in the USA and holds an American nationality. However, she belongs to mixed ethnicity.

How long have xQc and Adept been together?

xqc girlfriend
Instagram @xqcow1

xQc and Adept have been roommates and best friends for years now.


However, in March 2021, they ‘accidentally’ confirmed they are dating during a live stream.

xQc Controversy

xQc, throughout his streaming career, passed polarising comments that stir up controversy. He often speaks his mind in his daily interactions with fellow players in his games or viewers on stream that get him in trouble.

One such example of controversy was on 20th January 2018 after a loss against regional rivals Houston Outlaws. xQc, while playing against his team, the Dallas Fuel, shared offensive comments towards Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmot on his personal stream. 

Consequently, xQc was banned after two months for another four games because he used Twitch emote in a racially disparaging manner, according to the Overwatch League.

xQc talks about an unhealthy mindset, fundamental sense of value, meditation

on 12th May 2020, in an interview with Dr. K’s Healthy Gamer Coaching show, xQc discussed the unique mental health needs of the Internet generation to help with issues, including procrastination, lack of motivation, missing life purpose, and much more.

xQc talked about caring about appearances and how it affects one’s mental health. Also, he shares how an unhealthy mindset can actually work at times.

In the 2-hours long interview, xQc shared how his dad feels about him and his career.

xQc net worth is estimated to be around $4 Million.

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