Whom has Lee Pace Dated? (Wiki, Dating, Photos)

The names from the entertainment industry are not known only for their reel life performance. Real-life issues, affairs, and achievements also intrigue their audience. After all, their dynamic performances on stage make it hard for you to believe that they have become an essential part of your life. Lee Grinner Pace, who is popularly known as Lee Pace, the American Actor, has always made him love him by being Thranduil in The Hobbit Trilogy. Also, as Ronan the Accuser in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, do you know that he received a nomination for Emmy Awards when he played Ned?

Apart from achievements like these, he has become the toast of the town for his relationship status. Yes! Searches with questions like who is “Lee Pace Dating” or “Is Lee Pace Single” are made every now and then. Did you do a similar search too? At Rad Virals, we have all the answers for you!

Let’s start by taking a closer look at his personal life!


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Lee Pace: Early Life and Family

Lee Pace was born to Charlotte and James Roy Pace on 25th March 1979. Pace’s birth date makes him an Aries. If you want to know how tall is Lee Pace, his height is 1.96m. Along with him, Charlotte and James have two other children, Sally and William. During his childhood, Lee spent many years in Saudi Arabia. It was because his father was employed in an oil business over there. However, they later relocated to Houston, Texas.

Now that you know how old Lee Pace is, you will get really amazed to know what happened next in his life. He went to Klein High School, Spring, Texas. The actor Matt Bomer went to the same school as him. However, Pace gave a brief pause to his high school, and the reason was to act in the Alley Theatre in Houston. It seems like he already knew what his future is going to be.

There, he got the opportunity to appear in the productions of The Greeks and The Spider’s Web. Later, in 1997, he became a member of Group 30 at the Drama Division of Julliard School. It also had actors Tracie Thoms and Anthony Mackie.

Being there, he appeared in different plays. The list includes Romeo and Juliet, where he played Romeo and Julius Caesar, where he was seen as Cassius. He is a graduate of Fine Arts from Juilliard. If we continue talking about the journey of his career, it can go too long. However, this was not what brought you here, right? Yes, we have reached the relationship status of Lee Pace!

Lee Pace: Dating

Just like other celebrities, Lee Pace also tries to keep his love life out of the limelight. However, according to the records, he is single presently. Now, are you thinking that Lee Pace is Gay? Lee Pace is believed to be gay or a part of the queer community. During an interview, his co-star Ian McKellen accidentally spilled the beans about his sexual orientation. He claimed the actor to be gay. It was easy for people to believe because he has played many queer roles. In 2018, he talked about him being gay in his Twitter account.

Apart from that, it is also said that the actor’s family got aware of his sexual orientation a bit earlier. However, before you could draw the bottom line, do you know that he also admitted dating women before revealing his orientation? So, don’t you think he is not only attracted to men?

If you think he is only attracted to both the gender is all hearsay, he was linked with the Northern Irish actor Laura Donnelly, somewhere between 2015-16.



Before that, when he appeared with Judy Greer on the red carpet at the premiere of the movie A Single Man, words were spread about it.

Judy Greer graces the front page of her Biography

Whom has Lee Pace Dated? (Wiki, Dating, Photos) 1


He is also believed to be with the American photographer Carter Smith from 2015-2016.

When it comes to Lee Pace’s Boyfriend, even you would have heard that he was linked to Jason Moore, James Calleri, and the actor Richard Armitage.

Wait!! Richard Armitage?

Wasn’t he engaged with Samantha Colley?

Ever before Samantha, he had a long-term thing with Annabel Capper, the English actress. What about that?

Richard and Lee were linked together and were caught in the cameras at social gatherings.


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However, both of them have chosen to keep their relationships private.

Lee Pace Net Worth

Before we wrap up the article about the LOTR (Lord of the Rings) Actor Lee Pace, let’s take a look at his worth. Of course, he has fans and followings like you. In fact, for an actor, every fan is an award and honor he had earned. However, do you know how much worth has he made of himself? As of the year 2021, the American Actor has built a net worth of 5 million dollars.

Take a look at the secret technique of Lee Pace for grooming his eyebrows in this video:

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