Who is Darin De Paul? Critical Role Actor Bio

Voice is an important part of making a character alive in front of the audience, and so are the voice actors behind it. Having brought life to many personas on many screens, the voice actor, Darin De Paul is known to all. His audience is intrigued with his deep voice, which is sometimes growling or smooth. It has made it normal to find the internet with an end number of questions now and then about him. In this article, Rad Virals will answer them for you and help you know Darin De Paul closely.

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Who is Darin De Paul?

The American Voice actor Darin De Paul has earned a name for his work. It includes his performances in the video games, including Overwatch as Reinhardt, Doom, and Doom Eternal as Dr. Samuel Hayden/ Seraphim. His part in Spider-Man as J.Jonah Jameson and in Destiny 2 as Emperor Calus has earned him a separate fan base. He has also appeared as an actor on national tours, in regional theaters, on Broadway and Off-Broadway.

However, do you not want to know how it all started? When is Darin De Paul’s birthday? How old is Darin De Paul? Is Darin De Paul married? Where is Darin De Paul now?

Darin De Paul: Personal Life

Darin De Paul was born on November 7, 1963, and this makes him 58 years old. He is married to Debra Cardona, an actress. Talking of his height, he is 5’9’’ or 1.75m tall. He embarked on his career in voice acting in 1989. Soon, he attained more and more success within a short period. Not just in his birth land, United States, but he has earned fame in other countries as well.

Darin De Paul

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Darin De Paul: Professional Life


He has been a part of many films, including Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV(2016), Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017), DC Showcase: Death(2019), Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpio’s Revenge(2020), and Justice Society: World War II (2021). According to the sources, Darin De Paul has also given additional voices in Ice Age, Robots, and Warcraft.


Darin De Paul has given his voice to many animations. Some of them are The Stinky & Dirty Show(2015-19), Amphibia (2019-21), Cannon Buster(2019), Wizards: Tale of Arcadia(2020), and Big City Greens(2020).

Video Games

When it is about video games that Darin De Paul has been a part of, the list goes on. However, some of them are Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011) Doom (2016), Spider-Man (2018), Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020), and Avengers (2020).

Other Shows

Darin has also appeared on Project Alpha and Geek & Sundry in different shows. They are Darin & Amy Have to Do A Morning Show, Game Engine, Sagas of Sundry, and Critical Role.

Darin De Paul

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Darin De Paul in Critical Role

In Critical Role, Darin appeared in part 1 and part 2 of the promotional Critical Role One-Shot: Shadow of War. He performed the part of Ethred Brokenbranch, who is also known as Sprigg. His character is of an elderly gnome who is bald and has a long white beard. His eyes carry a little distant look. Well, Darin De Paul originally thought Sprigg to be Fagin, one of Charles Dickens’s characters. He assumed Sprigg to be someone who would steal everything he possibly could. However, the goodness that everybody carries brought goodness in him as well.

However, did you know that the elderly gnome that the voice actor was playing was actually the continuation of the character he played as Matt Mercer’s mother years back?

Till now, you have become aware of the voices played by Darin De Paul by now, but do you know about the awards he has received?

Darin De Paul: Awards & Recognition

In the year 2017, he was the winner of the BTVA Video Game Voice Acting Award as Best Male Voice Performance in a video game in a supporting role. This was for his performance in Final Fantasy XV.

He also attained the title of Breakthrough Voice Actor of the Year at the BTVA voice acting award. He has earned recognition for his part in NieR: Automata (2017) and as Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in a Direct to DVD Title or Short for Overwatch Shorts (2016) and Overwatch: Honor and Glory(2017).

Take a look at Darin De Paul sharing screen with Langston Belton and Angélique Roché at Marvel Entertainment here:

Darin De Paul: Net Worth

When it comes to learning about celebrities, many questions land on their Net worth. The estimated salary of the voice actor, Darin De Paul, is said to be $241,500 in the year 2020 and $2,10,000 in 2019. The approximated net worth of the voice actor is $6,54,000, which was $6,00,000 in the year 2020. Apart from it, the voice actor has a huge fan base, and this reflects what he has earned over the years. The constant visits on platforms, including IMDb and Wikipedia, are evidence of this.




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