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Let’s learn more about this beautiful lady,  Vaitiaré Eugenie Hirshon known to us as Vaitiaré Bandera  whose mother is from the Royal House of Makea Karika situated in the Cook Islands.

vaitiare bandera
Vaitaire Bandera’s ex’s, Julio Iglesias, Peter Bandera, Michael Shanks, Edgar Asars

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Royal Connections

Vaitiaré Hirshon is Tahitian with Cook Islander, English, French and German-Jewish descent with her mother being related to Royal House of Makea Karika Ariki which is in the Cook Islands.

Family History

Vaitiaré Bandera related to Sir Thomas Robert Alexander Harries Davis, KBE, the 4th Prime Minister of the Cook Islands.

Also her grandfather, Lewis Hirshon a stockbroker from New York. His home in Tahiti said to be where James A Michener wrote “Return to Paradise” on of the Pulitzer prize winners.

Her father Charles Heimata Hirshon  a half German-Jewish and half Tahitian gentleman, whilst her mother Georgina  Toomaru  a decent from French,English, Polynesian and Cook Islands met whilst filming “Mutiny on the Bounty” back in 1962.

Vaitiaré Hirson’s Relationships and Children

Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias and Vaitiaré were dating from 1982 -1890 when she was a young model.  During the relationship which was reported to have dark  moments Julio reportedly  brought another woman into their bed. This relationship eventually left Vaitiaré is it reported a broken doll.

Peter Bandera

Vaitiaré married Peter Bandera in 1994 and changed her name to Bandera, the union lasting until 1997.

Michael Shanks

Vaitiaré Bandera was working with Michael Shanks who played the archeologist Dr. Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG-1.  when romance bloomed possibly due to Vaitiaré playing MIchael’s wife  Sha’re in Stargate-SG1.

The relationship produced a daughter Tatiana Shanks and ending in 2000.

Edgar Asars

In 2004 Vaitiaré married Edgar Asars and they had a son Kenta Asars in 2005. Their marriage ending in 2016.


Vaitiaré started her career as a model before moving into film. With about

Net Worth

Is reported to be around $8m


Born August 15th 1964, Vaitiaré Eugenie Hirshon changed her name to Vaitiaré Bandera after the marriage to Peter Bandera.

Brown hair and brown eyes

5’7 ” and 59kg

This French Polynesian actress has an interesting career with a number of nude videos, pictures and scene in Stargate-SG1

With a number of commercials McDonald’s, J.C. Penny, Honda in Tahiti, Toyota and Carache Jeans for Spain this lovely lady went on to star in “Married …..with Children” , “Out of the Blue”,”Acapulco Heat”  and U.S. Marshalls.

“The final Goal”, “Out of the Blue” Murder She Wrote” But we all know it was Stargate-SG1 that we got to view

Vaitiaré Bandera shedding her threads.

After her marriage to Edgar Asars, Vaitiaré Bandera became Vaitiaré Bandera-Asars and following her divorce from Asars goes by the name of  Vaitiaré Bandera.

Vaitiaré Hirshon’s Brush With Cancer

After being diagnosed with a life threatening rare blood cancer Vaitiaré chose to love the disease and 1 year after receiving a bone marrow transplant she has fought back.  Follow her amazing story on Facebook Vaitiaré Hirshon cancer free!

city of hope
Vaitiaré Hirshon raising awareness and funds for people with rare blood disorders.



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