Jupiter’s Legacy Cast Characters Comic Authors

jupiter’s legacy cast

Jupiter’s Legacy is a live-action superhero series that premiered on Netflix on May 7th, 2021. It was adapted from Jupiter’s legacy comic books author Mark Miller, who first released it in April 2013. Why is it called Jupiter’s Legacy? According to Roman mythology, Saturn was the king of gods before he was overthrown by his … Read more

Shadow and Bone Cast Netflix Book Author

shadow and bone cast

So who are NetFlix’s Shadow and Bone cast? If you haven’t already binge-watched Shadow and Bone on Netflix, you are missing out on an amazing masterpiece. Ever since its release on April 23, 2021, it has garnered a lot of attention and praise.  The first season was intense and enthralling. It perfectly set the mood … Read more

18 Facts About Da Vinci’s Demons: How Real Is It ?

18 Facts About Da Vinci's Demons: How Real Is It ? 1

When Starz Network announced they are producing a TV show about Leonardo Da Vinci it caused a lot of anticipation. Da Vinci’s Demons came as a historical fantasy fiction series (emphasis on “fiction” here) picturing the younger years of the maestro, one of the greatest minds ever lived. Da Vinci’s Demons caused a lot of confusion as it did twist … Read more