Top Facts on Amy Kincaid, Liam O’Brien’s Wife (Critical Role, Family, Voice)

An artist needs one dynamic performance to make a series/movie a mark of his/her talent. For Amy Kincaid, it started with the series Daphne in the Brilliant Blue that aired in the year 2004. Following it, the voice actress presented her voice in the animated series titled Code Geass in 2006. To know what happened next, you have to make a Google search with her name as the phrase.

You will automatically land up at a list of questions surrounding her. Every fan of hers wants to know the facts about her, including her husband, family, children, and others. So, are you too a fan of hers? Well, if you are, you have reached the right place! Rad Virals is here to take you on a closer tour of personal and professional life. So, shall we start?


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Amy Kincaid: Early Life

For any fan, learning about his favorite artists is like gathering your favorite stones, coins, tickets, or anything you are fond of. Now, coming to Amy, she blows her candles on 30th March. She is an American citizen, but her birthplace is still unknown. She has a brother named Ry Kincaid, whom you can find playing Rock Music. However, any detail about where Amy was raised, educated, or her parents is hard to tell. It is because she prefers keeping the information about the personal part of her life away from everyone.

Maybe she likes to keep her secret stones in a safe box or she is an antisocial person. Whatever it is, being her fans, we need to respect that decision of hers. However, there is something you can still learn about, and that is her relationship status. So, are you aware of who Amy Kincaid married?

Amy Kincaid is married to the voice actor, director, and writer Liam O’Brien. He is the voice behind Vax and Caleb from the super popular streaming show, Critical Role. Liam has also been a part of different cartoons, video games, and Japanese Anime adapted in the English language. His major work in anime includes Naruto’s Gaara, Ergo Proxy’s Vincet Law, and Persona 3’s Akihiko. He was also involved in shows, including Star Wars Rebels, Avengers Assemble, Hulk, and Wolverine and X-Men.

Amy Kincaid and Liam O’Brien

Now, let’s talk about relationships, shall we?


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Okay, so by now, you are aware that Amy Kincaid, the voice actress, is married to the voice actor, director, and writer, Liam O’Brien. Even though the actors have not revealed much about their love life by now, they tied their knots on 6th July 2002 after some years of dating? In fact, they are now parents to two children, a son and a daughter.

Their son’s name is Owen Kincaid O’Brien, and what about their daughter’s name? See, we told you, she has kept most of her personal life away from the world. Wait, don’t be shocked if you get to know about her name appearing on stage one day. After all, they are born to such talented artists.

Take a look at her husband Liam’s interview video:

Do you know how tall is Amy? Don’t worry! A detail like this can not remain hidden all the time. So, coming to her height, it is 5ft 6 inches.

Amy Kincaid: Career

How did Amy Start her career?

Amy Kincaid embarked on her career in the year 1999 as a voice actress. So, do you know which characters had her voice first? She first empowered the role of Yoshii/ Kotone Himekawa with her voice for the series To Heart. Like said earlier, her performance in her first series paved her way towards the show Boys Be, and she gave her voice to the character Chihary Nitta. Later, in 2004m she voiced in Ghost Talker’s Daydream, a mini-series. In the same year, she gave her voice to television shows titled Koi Kaze and DearS.

Starting from 2006 till 2009, she voiced the character Shirley Fenette for the series Code Geass. If you are looking for her voice in a recent series or Video games, in 2019, her voice was a part of a movie titled Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re: surrection.

Amy Kincaid: Net Worth


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Net Worth for any person, either a celebrated name from the field of entertainment or business, can tell about his/her success in monetary terms. Now, as her major source of income is her voice, yes, her net worth can tell how much she has grown in monetary terms. As of the year 2021, the figures are 1 million dollars. However, it will not remain the same as she can earn more in the coming years. Now that we are talking about the net worth only, why leave Liam O’Brien behind?

As you know, O’Brien has been a part of more than 50 movies and the series Critical Role, we can say that he has built himself strong financially. The figures revolve around 1-5 million dollars.

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