Tomi Lahren Net Worth, Career, Pics, Bio, Boyfriend?

Politics has always been a hot topic in the United States of America. Feuds between The Democratic Party and The Republican Party are not limited to the United States House of Representatives.

 Supporters of both parties trade blow on news channels and social media.

The political discourse is such an integral part of US society that both parties’ political commentators have received celebrity status. One such commentator is Tomi Lahren. How much does she earn? Let’s looks at Tomi Lahren’s Net Worth and other interesting information.

Who is Tomi Lahren?

Tomi Lahren is a Fox News political commentator. She was born in Rapid City, South Dakota, and attended Central High School. She graduated from there in 2010 and then went on to study political science and broadcast journalism at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

She graduated with a BA degree from the university in 2014. She had started honing her political commentary and journalism skills during her graduation years at her university. There she had hosted and associate produced a political roundtable show called “The Scramble.”

who is tomi lahren

She wasted no time after graduating and interned for Kristi Noem, a Republican Congresswoman from South Dakota.

Now, Tomi Lahren is a political commentator for The Republican Party. She started her political commentary career at One America News Network as a host of her own show, “On Point with Tomi.” The show debuted in 2014. 

She had applied to OANN for an internship position, but they gave her a new show instead. Tomi Lahren did not take long to become a pro at conservative political commentary. Her stint at OANN was the beginning of her successful career as a political commentator.

She joined The Blaze in 2015 and hosted a short video segment called “Final Thoughts.” She routinely criticized liberal politics there. Even though they were short videos, the content was so relevant that many of the videos went viral and made Tomi a popular figure among political commentators.

Her collaboration with The Blaze ended after she gave an interview on The View where she stated that women should have access to abortion. Tomi Lahren’s pro-choice stance did not go well with the conservative The Blaze, and they suspended her. This happened in 2017.

She was hired by the Great America Alliance soon after. Great America Alliance is an advocacy organization for former US President Donald Trump. 

She is currently employed in Fox News as a contributor and hosts a talk show on Fox Nation called “No Interruption.” This show started in 2018 and is still active. Tomi Lahren’s racist remarks on these shows have created a lot of controversies.

Personal Information

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How old is Tomi Lahren?

Tomi Lahren was born on August 11, 1992 as Tomi Rae Augustus Lahren. She is 28 years old.

What is Tomi Lahren’s height?

Tomi is 1.65 m tall.

Where does Tomi Lahren live?

Tomi Lahren used to stay in Los Angeles for professional reasons. She shifted to Nashville in 2020. Tomi Lahren Nashville shift created news because of the price tag of her Nashville home. She bought that house for $700,000.

Is Tomi Lahren married?

No. Tomi Lahren is not married yet.  

What is Tomi Lahren net worth 2021?

Tomi Lahren is reportedly worth $3 million.

What is Tomi Lahren salary?

Tomi Lahren works as a contributor at Fox News and has a talk show on Fox Nation. We do not know how much she is paid for hosting the talk show, but we have a payment figure regarding her contribution duties.

Fox News pays her $60,330 for being a contributor.

Personal Life 

Tomi Lahren is notoriously secretive with her personal life. It is not easy to get answers to “Who is Tomi Lahren’s boyfriend?“, “Is Tomi Lahren engaged?”, “Who is Tomi Lahren husband?” and the likes. 

But privacy is a mere dictionary word when you are a celebrity. This is what we found about Tomi Lahren boyfriend and relationships.

Tomi dated Chase Mcnary, a reality-TV personality, in 2017. It was a brief relationship of two weeks before they went separate ways.

There were rumors that Tomi was dating her “friend” Kevin Martin. The rumors became a trending topic because of their disposition and political views. Kevin Martin is a Black Republican (an eyebrow-raising factor in itself), and Tomi Lahren is a White conservative.

People had a field day with this comedy of anomalies and expressed their views liberally on social media. What was the truth of this relationship? Was it a fact or a rumor? We will never know.

Tomi got into a serious relationship with Brandon Fricke in 2019. They even got engaged, but then she broke off the engagement citing, “It just wasn’t in the cards.” She was last seen wearing her engagement ring on Jan 1 on Instagram Tomi Lahren.

The Other Tomi Lahren

tomi lahren plastic surgery

Tomi Lahren is famous for being a firebrand Republican commentator. She is always on the news and trending for controversial and shocking comments. But Tomi Lahren has been the topic of discussion outside politics as well.

Tomi Lahren Plastic Surgery   

Tomi Lahren has never admitted to getting plastic surgeries, but many people think she has definitely got face tuning done. 

It all started when the rapper, The Game dragged Tomi Lahren on social media for going under the knife. He shared a picture of her before her Fox News days and insinuated plastic surgery. He claimed that the picture was of Tomi Lahren before plastic surgery

The post by The Game was removed as it was considered harassment, but the damage was already done. People jumped on the bandwagon, and soon it became a hot topic of discussion. People compared her old pictures with current pictures, and from what we have seen, The Game has a point.

Tomi Lahren Bikini Pics

Tomi Lahren has supermodel looks and physique (whether natural or acquired is not the point of discussion here). Besides political views, Tomi Lahren body attracts heavy online traffic.  

She constantly shows off her perfect physique on her social media handles. You will find many posts of Tomi Lahren in a bikini here. There are posts on Tomi Lahren swimsuit as well. Want to know more about other celebrities? Click here. 

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