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Actors hold the credit for making us able to sneak from our routine into a world they create with their acting. Known for his part in The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Toby Huss is one such American Actor taking the breaths of fans with his acting.

Not just as an actor, but his voice-over part in King of the Hill is also loved by many. He is also known for his talents in writing and comedy. In this article, Rad Virals is not only going to take you closer to his movies, but we will also take a sneak peek into his personal life. Hopefully, before wrapping up, you will have answers to all your questions about him! So, shall we start?

Wait! Before we start, how many of you are here with the question of who is Toby Huss dating? Or do you want to know where Toby Huss was born? Or about his early life? We are going to start with his personal life only!

Toby Huss: Early Life

Let’s start from his birth, which happened on 9th December 1966 in Marshalltown, Iowa. Elma Huss, his mother, worked as a cosmetic sales representative. His father, Gerald Huss, taught chemistry in high school. Although Toby or Tobias Huss studied at the University of Iowa, it was here only that he showed his active participation in the No Shame Theatre. After this, he relocated to Los Angeles to build a career in the field of acting, and then the story began.

Toby Huss

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Toby Huss: Movies and TV Shows

After moving to Los Angles, Huss was all set up for appearing in movies and TV shows. His participation in No Shame Theatre trained him all well to appear on the screen. At the beginning of the 1990s, he was seen playing odd characters, o one of which is a crooner. They were for MTV’s network promos. He was also behind the voices of Kahn Souphanousinphone and Cotton Hill on the King of the Hill.

Toby Huss was behind the character of the Wizm Elaine Benes’ boyfriend in Seinfeld’s episode- The Junk Mail. Not just this, but he has also created the character of Rudy Casoni, which is inspired by a Sinatra-inspired persona. But, wait, what about John Bosworth from Halt and Catch fire? How can we forget that?

When it comes to pointing down the movies and TV shows performed by the actor, it can seem to be a never-ending task to anyone. After all, by now, he has been a part of almost fifty-six movies. However, his character of Fake ID Salesman, in Vegas Vacation that premiered in 1997, is unaccredited.

Toby Huss


Talking of the movies only, he first appeared in the short movie The Adventures of the Roo, where he played the character of Pat Schilesman; it premiered in 1984. For his appearances in the TV shows, the number reaches sixty-three, including Dickinson, which he is still a part of. Apart from the list of movies and television series, he also holds the credits for being behind the different voices in the video games- King of the Hill and Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity.

In 1997, he became part of ‘A Change Would Do You Good’ a music video by Sheryl Crow. In 2014, he appeared in Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show. However, did you know acting was not how he started earning his bread and butter? Before he became an actor, he was employed by a natural gas compression station situated in Texas.

Take a look at one of the latest interviews of Toby Huss: DICKINSON – TOBY HUSS INTERVIEW ( 2021)

Wait! That’s not all! Do you know that he was behind character-based performance art across NYC before having an agent? The fact about him being hired for promotional work by MTV and spoofs by Frank Sinatra is now known to you. Before we wrap up the article, how can we not discuss his marital status?

Toby Huss is a father, and in fact, he is a single parent. His daughter’s name is Charlotte. However, no hint of his relationship(s) could be traced. It means that 54 years old, talented Toby Huss is single now. Seems like a green flag for his admirers? It also leaves most of us with a question why is Toby Huss single till now?

Toby Huss: Net Worth

Toby Huss Net Worth

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Yes, you have almost reached the end of the article. However, before we wrap up, let’s discuss how much a career in the field of entertainment has added to his value. Apart from his massive fan following, Toby has earned a net worth of 1.4 Million by now.

Before we call it a wrap, we want you to know that this multi-talented person who acts, writes, and does comedy is a Sagittarius. He is 1.82 m tall, and his friends and family call him Toby, Huss, or Toby Huss; how would you like to call him?


Toby Huss Photography

Were you aware that Toby is a great photographer and has long had a passion for capturing images in of real humans in ordinary life? Take a look at his latest photography portfolio on his website. Our selected featured image came directly from his “About” page, we hope he’s ok with this?! If you’re tuning in to our website Toby:

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