Superstar Tye Sheridan Movies, Dating, Net Worth, and Pics

Having started his career at the age of 16, Tye Sheridan has built his way towards heights of success by now. He has become the talk of the town because of his skills as an actor and several other reasons. Probably some of them have brought you here.

Sheridan has received great love for his performance in Ready Player One and the X-Men film series. He commenced his career with the movie The Tree of Life in Life. Then, he got to play a lead role in the movie Mud. There is a lot about the actor that you still need to explore now. From his personal life to the list of movies, Rad Virals is here to take you closer to his life. So, are you excited?

First of all, let’s begin with questions like when was Tye Sheridan born? Does he have a brother or a sister? And who are Tye Sheridan’s parents?

Get to Know Tye Sheridan’s Family

Tye Kayle Sheridan blows his birthday candles on 11th November. However, he was born in the year 1996 in the Palestine city of Texas. Coming to his parents, Stephanie Sheridan, his mother, owns a beauty salon. Bran Sheridan, his father, drives for UPS. Coming to his siblings, he has a sister Madison, who is younger than him. Before embarking on the movies, he studied at Elkhart Independent School District. Later, he studied from film sets only.

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The 24 years old actor and producer is 5ft 9 inches tall and weighs 67 kgs. He follows Christianity as his religion.

However, that’s not all that people search for him. Questions about the relationship status are found now and then. It means if you search for Tye Sheridan, questions like Is Tye Sheridan is gay or is he married would be anything new for you. However, after reading this blog, you will not need to look for it.

What is Tye Sheridan’s Relationship Status?

Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner have worked together in X-Men but, this is not all! Many sources say that they were dating. Sophie Turner said that she is in love with Tye Sheridan in front of the media. However, in one of the videos aired about the same, do you know who was also there? Joe Jonas, her husband.

Yes, Sophie Turner is married, and they are said to be dating since 2016. This means that Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner are not dating. Maybe they are good friends who loved each other’s company.

Here is one of the videos of Sophie and Tye Sheridon:

Now, let’s take a sneak peek at Tye Sheridan’s list of movies!

Tye Sheridan stepped his foot in the film career with The Tree of Life by Terrence Malick. In this movie, he appeared with Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, and Jessica Chastain. Do you know that he was chosen after nearly a year-long search of over 10K children from Oklahoma and Texas? His first movie was released at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. The film was a nomination for Academy Award for Best Picture and also received the Palme d’Or award.


Source: Wikipedia

After this, Sheridan got the chance to play the lead in the movie Mud by Jeff Nichols. Here, he had Mathew McConaughey and Jacob Loftland opposite him. The premiere of this film was held at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, where he got a nomination for a Critics Choice Award.

The actor was also a part of the movie Joe, where he played the character Gary Jones. The way he played his character built his way towards Marcello Mastroianni Award. He received the award at 70th Venice International Film festival for being the best upcoming young actor.

It seems like Sheridan was just needed to think of being an actor to pursue a career that would bring him honor with many accolades. In the year 2015, he acted in three films, which were released at Sundance Film Festival. He was also part of the drama Entertainment in which he starred opposite Michael Cera and Gregg Turkington. He has also acted in the Last Days in the Desert by Rodrigo Garcia.

Here’s Tye Sherdon in Cyclops costume.



Tye Sheridan has also played a supporting role in Dark Places and the lead in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. But wait, did you forget the role of Cyclops/Scott Summers that he played in X-Men: Apocalypse?

In 2017, the appeared in Grass Stains with Kaitlyn Dever. In 2018, he acted in Ready Player One, a blockbuster film by Steven Spielberg. In 2019, he starred in the film Dark Phoenix.

Well, that was a glimpse of his career as an actor, but what about the bucks he got? Yes, we are talking about his Net worth!

What is Sheridan’s Net Worth?

His career in the field of entertainment has earned him several accolades. Critics Choice Movie Award, Empire Award, MTV Movie, and TV awards are just a few of them. With 199k followers on Instagram, he has been receiving love from his audience on social media too.

However, that is not all! In this past decade, he has laid the foundation for a career in the field of entertainment. The same decade has also earned him a net worth of $4 Million.


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