Sean Evans Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height, Bio

If you are someone who enjoys watching interviews, we bet you love Sean Evans and his riveting questions on the Hot Ones. But do you know who is Sean Evans girlfriend? 

If not, stay with us and you’ll know everything about the celebrity interviewer’s age, height, net worth, and much more.

Sean Evans Biography

The man behind the hottest reality competition series, Hot Ones, Sean Evans is an American YouTube sensation and a gifted producer with a net worth of around $40 million.

Sean was born on 26th April 1986 in the Chicago suburb of Evanston. He received his early education from Crystal Lake Central High School and later graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism in 2008. 

The YouTuber grew up in Illinois with his elder brother, Gavin.

Sean Evans’ Career

After his graduation, Sean started working as a freelancer for Complex Magazines, interviewing famous people, including 2 Chainz. His shows were so appealing that the magazine hired him full-time in New York City. Hence, he immediately left his job and began his career at Complex.

Later, Sean Evans hosted shows for his YouTube series “Hot Ones”, which gained a reputation in a short time. 

Through his YouTube show, he got his due fame through questioning celebrities while eating boiling food such as Carolina Reaper peeper that goes by the title of the hottest chili pepper in the world.

Sean Evans takes pride in interviewing top celebrities such as Charlize Theron and famous Michelin Star Chefs like Gordon Ramsey on his YouTube show, Hot Ones.

Sean Evans Net Worth

According to the Wealth Record, Sean Evans has a net worth of a whopping $40 million. Most of his earnings come through his YouTube series show Hot Ones. 

In addition to this, his YouTube show has proud sponsors, including Reebok and Roberta’s. 

Sean Evans Height

Although Sean Evans is not exceptionally handsome, he has an attractive personality with an average height of 5 ft 8 inches / 172.72 cm, and a fitting bodyweight of approximately 70kgs.

Sean Evans’ light brown beard and bald head with green eyes are the signature look that suits him just fine.

Sean Evans Hot Ones YouTube Series Show

Sean Evans risked it all to join Complex Magazine.

However, his struggles paid well

Sean Evans was appointed as the host of Hot Ones, which is a YouTube show posted on the First We Feast YouTube channel that entertains 9.97M subscribers in total.

Sean Evans hot ones show

Sean Evans is famous for interrogating A-grade celebrities while serving them ten chicken wings dipped in the world’s spiciest sauces. 

The interesting thing about the ‘Hot Ones’ show is it features new and unique spices each season. 

For instance, the Last Dab Pepper X stole the show in 2018 with the right amount of spiciness. It was declared as the hottest sauce on the Hot Ones ever!

For the celebrities who endure the hotness of the sauces and finish the ten pieces of wings, the show rewards them to promote their upcoming projects. 

While those who fail to pass the hotness are added to celebrities’ hall of shame.

Fair enough!

Sean Evans Girlfriend 

Sean Evans girlfriend
Instagram @natashalexis_

Yes, Sean Evans has been blessed with a gorgeous yet talented girlfriend.

Currently, Sean Evans is dating Natasha Alexis Martinez, who is also a reporter for Complex News.

How Did Sean Evans Meet His Girlfriend?

No one exactly knows how Sean Evans met his girlfriend. However, some unknown sources reveal that they both first met on Complex Media. 

Sean Evans Natasha Martinez
Instagram @seanseaevans

Whatever the case may be, Sean Evans and Natasha Martinez live together as a couple and often share adorable pictures on Instagram, which speak volumes of their healthy relationship.

Sean Evans Girlfriend Natasha Martinez

Natasha Alexis Martinez is a TV host and a digital personality. She also serves as an on-air host for Collider News and Collider Movie Talk. 

Natasha was born on 7th September 1991 in California and she is best known for participating in Miss California 2015 Pageant and Los Angeles Laker girl. 

At this point in time, Natasha Alexis Martinez celebrates 96K followers on Instagram.

sean evans gf

She was cast in a couple of films including, American Latino TV and Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

Like her boyfriend, Sean Evans, Natasha Martinez is also a part of Complex News. Not only that, Natasha is a great, gifted dancer who intrigues the audience with her enchanting moves. 

Natasha Martinez Age

As of 2021, the present age of Natasha Martinez is 30 years.

Jaby Koay & Natasha Martinez 

Natasha Martinez and Jaby Koay are best known for their super-entertaining reaction videos on YouTube. 

Jaby Koay Natasha Martinez
Instagram @natashalexis_

Jaby Koay in collaboration with Natasha Martinez and others usually reacts to American movies and trailers, but it’s the Indian movies that generate Jaby Koay thousands of views and a dedicated list of subscribers.

Sean Evans Opens About his Nervousness in the Interview with Gordon Ramsey on Hot Ones

We all know Gordon Ramsey for his fiery temper and profanity. And so, Sean Evans admitted he could not hold back his nervousness while interviewing Gordon Ramsey on his YouTube show Hot Ones.

In an interview with Ethan Klein on the H3 Podcast, Sean speaks about how Gordon Ramsey kept them entertained throughout the show with his signature savage critique style.

The interview with Sean Evans is a big hit on the H3 podcast that generated almost 870K+ views. Ethan also asked Sean some fascinating “personal questions” that made him laugh out loud.

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