Pat Sajak’s Wife Net Worth Age

If you were wondering if the Wheel of Fortune host is married or not, here’s the short answer – yes, Pat is married. Pat Sajak said ‘I do’ to his current wife way back in 1989. But who is Pat Sajak’s wife?

Pat Sajak and Lesly Brown met in 1988 via a mutual friend. It was love at first sight. Pat Sajak’s age was 42 at that time while Brown was 23 years old. Keep scrolling to know more about Pat Sajak’s wife and kids. 

Know More About Pat Sajak’s Wife Lesly Brown

Lesly Brown Sajak is a professional photographer at Leslie Brown Visible Style. Earlier, she was a model and even appeared on Playboy. Brown has studied television production at the University of Maryland. She aspired to study law, but later changed her mind and decided to raise her kids at that time. She did pursue studies in law later. 

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Lesly’s parents are Maria Brown Lesly Brown and Michael Brown Lesly Brown.

Lesly Brown has two sisters – Kelly Brown and Wendy Brown. Very little is known about Brown’s early life and family. 

Brown met Lesly at the opening of a mutual friend’s sports bar. They dated for a year before getting married in 1989. She often makes appearances on the Wheel of Fortune alongside her husband and Vanna White.

How Old is Pat Sajak’s Wife?

As of today, Lesly Brown Sajak is 56 years old whereas, Pat Sajak is 74 years old. Pat Sajak and wife Lesly Brown have been married for more than 30 years. 

Who is Pat Sajak, Anyway?

For those who don’t know, Pat is the host of the well-known game show Wheel of Fortune. He holds the Guinness world record for the host for a show for the longest time ever. He was also awarded Daytime Emmy three times for Outstanding Game Show Host. 

Sajak has an interesting career progression. He went from being a teen radio jockey to one of the TV icons. Even today, he remains the face of Wheel of Fortune.

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Sajak was often linked to Vanna White (and we can totally understand why). Ever since they began hosting the show in 1981, fans often expected and speculated something romantic. However, they treat each other like family. 

Who is Pat Sajak’s ex-wife?

Sherrill Sajak is Pat Sajak’s ex wife. They tied the know in 1979. They officially divorced in 1986.

How Tall is Pat Sajak?

Pat Sajak stands 1.77 meters tall (which is approximately 5 feet and 5 inches). On the other hand, Lesly Brown stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. 

What is Pat Sajak’s Net Worth?

As of 2020, Pat Sajak’s net worth is $70 million. Even Vanna White’s net worth is $70 million. Both of them earn around $12 to $15 million per year. This does not come as a surprise as Wheel of Fortune is the longest-running and one of the most popular TV shows. In fact, they are amongst the highest paid game show hosts. 

But how much does Pat Sajak make per episode? Considering that he films for six episodes per day and that makes $15 million a year; Sajak makes around $312,500 for each workday. 

Where Does Pat Sajak Live?

how much does pat sajak make per episode

Pat Sajak, along with his wife, resides at Severna Park in Maryland. This is where they are most of the time. The Sajaks have a second home in LA where Wheel of Fortune is shot. As he has to shoot six episodes in a day, Sajak ends up spending a lot of time in the LA house.  So, he spends four to five days at their West Coast place.

Does Pat Sajak Have Any Kids?

Yes, Pat Sajak has two kids with this Lesly Brown. Their elder child Patrick Michael James Sajak, is 30 years old. He maintains a pretty low profile and is rarely seen in the limelight. Very little is known about him except that he is a comedian. However, he made an appearance on Wheel of Fortune along with his sister years ago.

Sajak and Brown’s daughter, Margaret (better known as Maggie Sajak) is 26. She is an aspiring country singer and writes her own songs. As a child, she made several cameos on the game show. She still appears as a guest alongside her dad on the show. 

How is Pat Sajak Doing?

Sajak was hospitalized in 2019 for blocked intestines. This came as a major hindrance in the filming of the game show. During that time, Vanna White took over the stage, and Sajak’s daughter, Maggie lent her a hand. 

Where is Pat Sajak Now? 

Pat Sajak and Vanna White still host the Wheel of Fortune. Recently, there have been talks about Sajak retiring from the show. For 40 years, he is hosting the game show. As the reports go, lately, the actor has been feeling overwhelmed which has raised questions on the continuation of the show. Want to know about other celebrities, be sure to check them out here.

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