Naomi Scott’s Husband, Movies and Net Worth (Marriage, TV Shows, Bio)

If you are a fan of young stars of Hollywood, Naomi Scott’s name must be at the top of your stars list. Naomi Scott, who is most known for her role as Princess Jasmine for Disney’s movie Aladdin, is a British actress.

Having a career span of more than a decade, Naomi has impressed everyone with her brilliant acting skills. Despite being so young, the Brit girl has managed to amass a wealth that one can be proud of. Today, Rad Virals will answer your queries regarding her personal life, TV shows, and her net worth.  So keep reading below to find some interesting information about Naomi Scott.

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Before working on-screen in films, Naomi used to perform as a singer in Bridge Church. Later she was found by Kelle Bryan, a British pop singer that was a life-changing moment for her. The actress worked with every new role she was offered and won many accolades.

She is a winner of the Teen Choice Awards along with nominations for prestigious awards like the Saturn Awards. As of now, Naomi is busy with her new series Anatomy of a Scandal. The series will be broadcasted on Netflix and its production started at the beginning of 2021.

A supporter of women’s rights, Naomi is also in favor of uplifting women especially to see them as a team on screen. She is also an ambassador of Compassion International. It is a charitable organization that sponsors poverty-ridden families and children.

Naomi Scott: Personal Life

Naomi Scott was born on 6 May 1993. Hailing from London, the actress is born to parents of diverse origins. Her mother, Usha Joshi is from Uganda, and her father Christopher Scott is of English origin. She has also an elder brother, Joshua Scott.

Naomi was quite an accomplished student and studied at Devenant Foundation School in Essex. She left her studies to pursue a role in the science fiction series Terra Nova. From her childhood days, Naomi was endowed towards singing at Church as her parents were pastors at the Church.

Naomi Scott Terra Nova
One of Naomi’s First Roles was in Terra Nova. Did you know it was filmed in Australia?

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Is Naomi Scott Married?

Yes, she is married.

Who is Naomi Scott’s Husband?

Naomi decided to get married early. She is married to Jordan Spence who is an English footballer.

Naomi Scott and Jordan SpenceSource: Twitter

Naomi met Jordan at the Church and after four years of dating, she decided to get married. The aspiring power couple is a charity supporter as Jordan works for Suffolk Mind, a mental health charity organization. Naomi is a supports Compassion of the UK.

Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud Relationship

Naomi Scott and Mena MassoudSource: Pop Sugar

Fans can’t forget the on-screen chemistry between Naomi and Mena on the sets of the movie Aladdin. In 2019 when Naomi got noticed for her blockbuster success as Princess Jasmine, Mena and Scott were noticed for their close friendship. Since Naomi is married and her relationship with Mena Massoud did not progress any further.

What is Naomi Scott’s Nationality?

Naomi is British by nationality.

Is Naomi Scott of Mixed Ethnicity?

Yes, Naomi Scott is of mixed ethnicity as she belongs to English and Ugandan-Indian descent. Her mother was a Ugandan-Indian and her father was English.

What is NaomiScott’s Race?

If we talk about Scott’s race in the strictest academic sense, then she is biracial. She is an Indian and British by parentage but British by nationality.

When did Naomi Scott have to go for Short Hair?


Naomi Scott with Short HairSource: Woman’s Day

There are times when a hairdo expresses your inner self. Naomi Scott got her hair cut short for the role of Kimberly in the Power Rangers film. For the sake of the character of Kimberly, Naomi happily cut her flanging hairs and impressed everyone in Hollywood.

Naomi Scott in the Power Rangers Film
Watch Naomi fight evil in 4K UHD

Naomi Scott's Husband, Movies and Net Worth (Marriage, TV Shows, Bio) 2

Does Naomi Scott follow any Religion?

Being a kid of pastor parents Naomi has full faith in Christianity. Once in an interview, she expressed that she is at peace with her belief and is moved by God’s grace.

Naomi Scott Movies and TV Shows

How Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska Made It to Challenging Stunts in Charlie’s Angels?

If we compare both actresses, Naomi Scott had already performed in blockbuster movies like Aladdin. But For Ella Balinksa, Charlie’s Angels proved to be her first blockbuster. Both actresses performed well. In an interview, Naomi and Ella share how they deal with stunts and other stuff in the movie.

Here is the video of the interview:

Naomi Scott in Aladdin: How Princess Jasmine Character Made Naomi Scott An Overnight Star?

Naomi Scott in Aladdin as Princess JasmineSource: Mordeo

People loved the firm and independent character of Princess Jasmine in the movie Aladdin. Jasmine is someone who desires more and is never afraid of going after her dreams. Her unapologetic nature and the boldness that she shows up in the song Speechless is wordless.

The romantic ending of the movie catapulted the audience. In no time the movie was a blockbuster.

Naomi ruled Hollywood with the overnight success of Aladdin. Fans admire Naomi for her role as Jasmine and would like to see more of her in the coming years.

Naomi Scott’s Lemonade Mouth Carpet Ride

Naomi was one of the cast members of the movie Lemonade Mouth. She was cast as Mohini “Mo” Banjaree. Lemonade Mouth is a story about five teens who have a musical band. The teens represent humanity, compassion and are seen in the movie celebrating the human spirit.

Lemonade mouth got international acclaim and won the JaNEWary Awards for best iTunes Song. The movie was released in 2011 that was based on the novel of the same name by Peter Hughes.

Naomi Scott as Pink Rangers in Power Rangers

Naomi Scott as Pink Power RangerSource: Pinterest

Naomi Scott’s other super hit movie was Power Rangers. Portraying the role of Pink Power Ranger (Kimberley Hart) in the movie was like a dream come true for her. From her childhood, she was in love with Pink Rangers character, and finally, she got the role. On August 13, 2017, Naomi was nominated for the Teen Choice awards for this movie.

Naomi Scott: Net Worth

Naomi Scott Net WorthSource: HDQ Walls

Naomi Scott has become famous for the last decade now. She currently holds a net worth of $3 million in 2021. You may be wondering that what makes her so rich? Well, the answer to this question is pure hard work that Naomi has put into her on-screen acting to this point. Still, she is busy with upcoming projects that will be quite profitable for her and will build her net worth for many years to come.

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