Mark Hulmes from YogsCast and Critical Role, Voice Actor, and Producer

Content producer, voice actor, streamer, Dungeon Master, and what not? Yes! We are talking about Mark Hulmes, the British Dungeon Master currently performing in the High Rollers D&D. For the series Critical Role, Hulmes has also played Dungeon Master in Tails of Equestria One-shot. He also appeared as a guest performer in Stalker in the Swamp as Calianna for Critical Role.

However, that’s not it. The voice actor is also known for his part in YogsCast. Apart from his professional life, the internet is filled with questions about Mark Hulmes’s wife, how old Mark Hulmes is, where does he live, and it goes on! At Rad Virals, we will help you learn about Mark Hulmes!



How Old Is Mark Hulmes?

Mark Hulmes was born on 10th February 1986 in England, the UK, which makes him 35 years old inm 2021. He is counted among the most popular voice actors with their roots in England.

Is Mark Hulmes Married?

The term dating can mean different to people. For some, it can be having a romantic relationship with someone. While for many, when connected with their favorite celebrity’s name, it is the beginning of a series of questions. Who doesn’t want to know about the relationship status of Sherlock Hulmes?

So, for the question of Mark Hulmes’s partner, he is dating Nina-Serena Brewin. His girlfriend is also an illustrator at Yogscast.

Mark Hulmes in Critical Role

In the American Series Critical Role, Mark Hulmes has appeared as Calianna in the 21st Episode of the second campaign. His character can be described as a half-elf who has black hair ornamented with green ribbons. She covers a side of her face with her hair and the right side with black dragon scales along with a yellow dragon eye.

Moreover, the character is a mark of Mark’s performance as the voice actor. Hulmes also holds the credit of being the Dungeon Master for Tails of Equestria One-Shot, the forty-fourth special episode of the series.



Mark Hulmes in Yogscast

Mark Hulmes is known to be the Content Producer at Yogscast, which he joined in September 2015. Before Yogscast, he was the Community Manager for his earlier companies for 8 years. The list for the same includes WildStar, Blade & Soul, and MMORPGs RuneScape. In addition, he worked as a voice artist and actor for one year in London, which you can discover on his SoundCloud.

He became a part of Yogscast on 14th September 2015, as the Community Manager after Tom Perkins. In 2015, during Yogcast Jingle Jam, he was seen hosting the 9th Episode of Hat Films’ Star Wars Roleplaying Game. He also hosted the sequel, 11th Episode, that came a year later.

In 2016, he created and Hosted High Rollers D&D that was first broadcasted on 17th January. In September, he, along with Kim Richards, co-hosted Madden NFT 17 series. In 2017, Hulmes could be found hosting different Hat Films’ tabletop RPG live streams.

From 5th July, he started playing the part of Content Producer. Due to this, he was able to provide his full-time focus to High Rollers D&D and Tabletop Weekly. He also got time for some of the New projects.



Mark Hulmes in Star Wars Role Playing Game

The role-playing game, The Star Wars Roleplaying Game, has been set in the Star Wars Universe. Mark Hulmes has made two campaigns (in 2015 and 2016) for annual tabletop RPG streams for Hat Films. In all of these campaigns, Mark has played the part of the game master.

Wait, did you know about his YouTube channel “Sherlock Hulmes”?

Here’s one of his YouTube videos – “My Critical Role Halloween Costume”

Mark Hulmes’s Net Worth

When it comes to the Net Worth of Mark Hulmes, some sources have stated it to be 1-5 million dollars. However, as per his bio on Patreon, he doesn’t make enough ad revenues on his youtube channel Mark Sherlock Humles right now.


We understand that for a creator you are really fond of, learning more can never be enough. So here goes a list of some facts that have not been discussed earlier. You will find the answer to many of your questions here.

  • A lot of you must be wondering about the place Mark lives in. In September 2015, Mark relocated from London to Bristol to work effectively at YogTowers.
  • Mark Hulmes is said to be living with Nina-Serene for more than 6 years.
  • Mark is fond of playing Civilization.
  • With girlfriend and flatmate Nina-Serena, Mark used to update LeLatte, a weekly web-comic.
  • Mark calls himself to be fond of My Little Pony. He is filled with the abundance of talent; he can mimic several people and characters, including Christopher Walken, Mark Turpin, Rick Sanchez, and Strong Bad.
  • Paintilickers is the term used for the members of his twitch chat.
  • Mark’s channel, Sherlock Hulmes, has crossed 20K subscribers with views of 290K on YouTube.

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