Marisha Ray Voice Actor (Wiki, Married)

Marisha Ray voices many of our favorite characters. She is famous for lending her voice in Critical Role for characters Beauregard and Keyleth. She has also contributed to movies like Final Fantasy XV: Comrades and Far Cry New Dawn.



Facts About Marisha Ray Voice Actor

Here are 7+ cool facts about Marisha Ray, voice actor, in today’s Marisha Ray wiki blog.

1. What is Marisha Ray’s Real Name?

Marisha’s real name is Marisha Ray Huber. She was born in Kentucky to a humble family.

2. How Old is Marisha Ray?

Marisha Ray’s age is 32 right now (2021) as she was born in 1989.

3. How Tall is Marisha Ray?

Marisha is 1.68m tall and she weighs 55kgs.

4. Does Marisha Ray have a Sister?

Marisha has a young sister who is a student at high school. However, the name of her sister is not known.

5. Are Matt Mercer and Marisha Ray Married?

 Marisha Ray voice actor with Matt Mercer

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Marisha Ray’s relationship with Matt Mercer is of husband and wife. Matt Mercer and Marisha Ray’s wedding took place in 2017 after they announced their engagement in 2016.

So, Matt was Marisha Ray’s boyfriend for some time before their marriage.

6. How did Marisha Ray and Matt Mercer Meet?

Matt Mercer and Marisha Ray met on the sets of the web series Critical Role. Matt was Marisha’s first ever love as he never had a boyfriend before.

Soon, Matt Mercer gave Marisha Ray a proposal to marry and they tied the knot in 2017.

7. Is Marisha Ray pregnant in 2021?

Marisha is not pregnant, and she also mentioned the same on her Twitter Marisha Ray handle.

Here are some more additional things to know about Marisha Ray voice actor:

Marisha Ray Martial Arts Skills

Marisha was highly involved in sports during her young days. She knows many forms of martial arts like Tai Chi and even boxing and bow staff.

Sexy Marisha Ray Tattoos

Marisha is quite fond of tattoos

Marisha Ray has a few sexy tattoos on her body, like in her arms and wrist. She is very fond of her tattoos and plans to get more in the future.

Marisha Ray Hot Videos

Marisha has featured in a few hot videos you can check out right now. The most popular among them is the Marisha Ray carwash video or the Marisha Ray Batmobile video.

You can watch it here:


Check out another video of Marisha Ray as Tinkerbell in a stage play here.

And here is Marisha Ray on Gamestop:

Marisha Ray Voice Actor FAQ

Is Marisha Ray annoying?

Some viewers of Critical Role find Marisha annoying. However, it is just a personal feeling, and maybe people just need someone to bash after Orion left the show.

Most of her fans find her cute and pleasing.

Is Marisha Ray Bisexual?

Marisha is heterosexual and married to a man. So, she’s not a bisexual. Do you know something we don’t? Tell us in the comments. 

Is there are any relationship between Taliesin Jaffe and Marisha Ray?

The two are co-actors in the Critical Role web series. They do not share any personal relationship as far as we are aware.

Can you see Marisha Ray at Burning Man Festival?

Marisha Ray and the Critical Role cast attended the Burning Man festival in 2018. We found this photo with a fan below on Reddit.

Marisha, Husband Matt Mercer and a tottaly stoked fan at Burning Man 2018

How are Orion Acaba and Marisha Ray related?

Both are actors on the web series Critical Role. They are good friends on the show and in real life.

What are some of the popular works of Marisha Ray?

Marish has given her voice to countless games and movies.

Source: Pinterest 

Marisha has given her voice to countless popular characters in shows and video games. The most notable ones include:

  • Marisha Ray in Fire Emblem
  • Lego Marvel’s Avengers
  • Fallout 76: Wastelanders
  • Metal Gear Survive
  • 1000 Ways to Die

You can also check out more about her contributions on the IMDB Marisha Ray page.

Final Thoughts

We can never forget Marisha Ray, voice actor, for bringing so many characters to life. She is popular for shows like Critical Role and has featured in countless movies and games. She has got immense talent and her enthusiasm is next to awesome! She is still young and got many years ahead of her for an exciting career. We hope she stays happy with Matt, the first love of her life and current husband. 

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