Liam O’Brien Illidan Voice Actor (Critical Role, Cancer, Wife)

The journey of a voice actor begins with a voice-over, which then turns into the voices of millions of people on the other side. Liam O’Brien is one such voice actor who is a part of many cartoons and video games. The list includes Naruto’s Gaara, Ergo Proxy’s Vincent Law, Bleach’s Captain Jushiro Ukitake, Code Geass’s Lloyd, Persona 3’s Akihiko, and it goes on.

Just as the list of the characters keeps going, the question of his audiences about him goes on too. Whether as a character he has voiced, or his personal life, his audience wants to know all about him. So, are you one of his audiences who happened to be our reader too? If you are, Rad Virals will take you on a closer tour of his personal and professional life. Keep reading to learn about the voice actor!

Liam O’Brien’s Personal Life

Born in 1976, Liam Christopher O’Brien blows candles on 28th May. He was born to Lois Wiltse O’Brien, who worked as an educator, a consultant, and a quality assurance trainer. He has a sibling named Cara. Coming to his education, your voice actor has studied at New York University Tisch School of the Arts. The voice actor has also been a part of different productions across the nation.

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Talking of his family, he lives with his wife Amy Kincaid and his son and daughter. They tied their knots in 2002, and since then, they have been supporting each other in their thicks and thins. Many of his audiences were worried about his health as many think he is battling cancer. However, the reality is something else. The actor has hyperacusis, which is a hearing disorder. Owing to this disorder, he is sensitive to noises.

If you are wondering about his height, he is 5ft 11 inches tall and weighs 93 kgs. Gemini is his Zodiac sign, and he has black hair and green eyes.

Liam O’Brien’s  Professional Life

Now let’s talk voices, shall we?

The voice actor declares that he has played evil or insane characters. However, do you remember when he voiced Fukuyama, the character in Girls Bravo? The character of Cumore that comes in the Tales of Vesperia, according to him, is deranged slightly. He has voiced the character War in Darksiders. While playing it, he described his voice to be a little deeper than what it usually is. He has also been a part of the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, in which he voiced the character of Red XIII. Apart from being a voice actor, he is also a writer and a director on different anime shows and video games. You might also have seen him in the Pistachio commercial, have you?

Liam has voiced the character of Yasuo in League of Legends. He has also voiced in Star Wars Rebels, Avengers Assemble, Transformers: Robots in Disguise, and Wolverine and the X-Men. Coming to the video games, Gollum, Cai, Illidan Stormrage, Avatto, Grimoire Weiss, Barker, and Warden, are the characters you can find empowered by the voice actor.

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Liam O’Brien in Critical Role

Liam O’Brien is also known for playing Caleb Widogast in the Dungeons and Dragons show Critical Role. After gaining success intensely, the entire cast left the network of Geek & Sundry around early 2019, and it was then that they set up a  production company of their own, which you can call Critical Role Productions. Initially, they aimed to gain $750,000 on the series, but they ended up with more than $11 million.

In 2019,  Amazon Prime Video gained the rights to stream this animated series.  You can find the series with the title of The Legend of Vox Machina. You must be wondering why we brought Amazon Prime in between a discussion about Liam, right? Well, you will be amazed to know that O’Brien will replay the character of Vax’ildan in it. Adding more to your interest, he even became a part of Exandria Unlimited, which is a spinoff of the web series Critical Role.

Vax’ildan-Legend-of-Vox-MachinaSource: Critical Role

Now that we are talking about Critical Role only, there is something else that you will be intrigued to learn about the relationship between Liam and Laura Bailey. Both of them played twins Vax and Vex, and do you know how they decided that? Actually, two of them share the same birthday, which falls on 28th May.  Cool fact! While creating the background of their characters, they sat together at dinner for three hours, they planned and created their story. So you got it, that is how they are related.

Wait! Wait! Before we can call it a wrap, there is something else you simply have to know about Liam. Do you know that in one of the iconic sponsor bits for Sam Riegel, he came up for  D&D Beyond’s President? Now, in it, Sam faced Liam as his opponent.  However, he was selected as 69th President, and in a not-so-usual ending, he partnered with Sam Reigel, and the two became bi-presidents for the first time. However, they were the shortest-lasting presidents as both of them got fired the next day.

Take a look at this video:

Now, you have had a closer tour of O’Brien’s life, it is time to discuss his worth, so shall we? With voice acting as his source of income, his estimated net worth is $1-5 million.

We hope you liked reading about him!

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