Lexa Doig What Do We Know About This Canadian Actress? (Husband, Children, Life, Net Worth, Bio)

Lexa Doig born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada into a family who introduced her to stage productions at an early age. Lexa’s full name Alexandra Lecciones Doig it would appear caught the acting bug from these early visitations to the theatre and especially so after seeing Porgy and Bess with her parents.

Lexa Doig
Lexa Doig – Paige in Virgin River

Lexa went on to become a successful actress appearing in a many well known productions including Stargate-SG1.

What Can we Discover About This Beautiful Actress Lexa Doig?

How long has she been acting, what are her latest achievements,  her life, her family and her journey?

Lexa Doig’s Family, Parents, Husband, Children, Bio, Tattoos, Net Worth

Lexa’s Family, Parents, Husband and Children

Lexa’s mother Gloria a registered nurse originally from the Philippines and her father Davis Doig a Canadian executive with a petroleum company is from Irish and Scottish decent.

Lexa’s Husband is Michael Shanks from Stargate-SG1 fame.  Lexa and Michael met whilst both starring in Andromeda and married on 2nd August 2003.

Lexa and Michael have a son and they also have a daughter from Michael’s first marriage to Vaitiare Bandera.

Their daughter’s name is Mia Tabitha Shanks and their son’s name is Samuel David Shanks.

Lexa Doig with Samuel and Mia Shanks
Lexa Doig with Samuel and Mia Shanks

Lex Doig’s Bio – Key Stats

Lexa stands 168cm tall  and weighs around 49 kg.

Lexa’s dress size is reported at being an 6 and her shoe size 8 US.

Brown hair and brown eyes

Date of birth 8th June 1973,

With an interesting Star Sign you can check out more on Starwhispers.com

Alexa Doig Horoscope
Alexa’s Horoscope from Starwhispers

Net Worth

Lexa Doig’s Net Worth is reported in 2021 to be approsimately $500,000.


Lexa appears in the very popular series Virgin River as Paige Lassiter who in Series 3 of Virgin River goes into hiding from her abusive husband and the question is “Where is Paige?”

Lexa Doig a successful, well established actress, has starred in many popular productions.

Flash Gordon, Artic Air, Stargate, The New Professionals, Continuum to name a few.  Lexa was also in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries where you would recognise her for her role as Sally Allison and as mentioned before Andromeda where she met her husband and Stargate-SG1 where they also worked together.

Body Tattoos

Yes, Lexa has meaningful tattoos which appears on her upper arm and is from her dad David Doig’s coat of arms. The Doig Crest and Coat of Arms in this case displays a hand holding a thistle and above  the family motto.

Lexa reports she has added her children’s birth dates in Latin numerals below.

Lexa Doig Tattoo prior to adding children's birth dates
Lexa Doig showing tattoo of fathers family Crest and Coat of Arms
Michael and Alexa Shanks
Alexa and Michael
Alexa Doig Chucky
Now what is Alexa Doig looking at could it be “Chucky”


Michael Shanks and family
Alexa Doig, Michael Shanks and Children

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