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Stepped into voice acting at the age of 18, Laura Bailey net worth has now risen to prominence. Bailey is the voice behind Supergirl in Injustice 2, Black Widow in different Marvel projects, and Mary Jane in Spider-Man. In addition, she has voiced hundreds of characters in video games, animations, feature films, and TV shows. Probably, it is one of the reasons why the internet is filled with questions about Laura Bailey’s personal and professional life. In this blog, Rad Virals will take you to a closer view of the life of Laura Bailey.

Being a fan of Laura’s voice, your mind and the search box can have many questions about her. Like how old is Laura Bailey? Who is Laura Bailey married to? How old is her baby? So, let’s begin with Laura’s personal background and early life.

Laura Bailey: Early Days and Personal Life



Born on 28th May 1981 in Mississippi, Laura spent her early days moving a lot because of her father, who served in the Air Force. She has a sister named Jenny, who is elder to her. After moving to different locations, including Oklahoma, San Antonia, they finally decided to settle down in Allen, Texas.

The voice actress wanted to pursue a career as a biologist. The first click of becoming an actor happened only after the interview of Katie Holmes in the behind-the-scenes special of Dawson’s Creek. She was a part of the theatre program at Plano’s Collin County Community College. There she was involved with productions of different plays, Don’t Rock the Jukebox, Through a Glass Onion, and Suburbia.

Now let’s come to the question who is Laura Bailey married to? Laura Bailey tied knots with Travis Willingham on 25th September 2011. Before getting married, they had dated when younger and connected again. Today, they, with their son Ronin, born in the year 2018, reside in Los Angeles.

Laura Bailey: Career

How do you remember Laura’s voice? Laura Bailey in World of Warcraft? Or Laura Bailey in Tales from the borderland? Or for performing the character of Eli’s girlfriend in Rick and Morty? Or have you wanted to hear Laura Bailey singing? Well, did you hear that Laura will be co-hosting a game show with Troy Baker?

When it is about Laura Bailey’s career, the list of her performance in anime, animation, TV shows, and video games doesn’t seem to stop easily. However, are you aware of how it all started?

The voice actress caught the attention of Kent Williams in one of the college plays she was a part of. He invited Bailey to participate in the audition for Funimation when they were worked for Dragon Ball Z. Bailey played Kid Trunks in Dragon Ball Z. 

Laura has also given her voice to the character of Marlene Angel from Funimation’s Blue Gender. It with the project done by Funimation outside of the world of Dragon Ball World.

Laura Bailey Voice Actor


The voice actress was a part of the anime Fruits Basket, where she performed as Tohru Honda. She worked with Funimation for four years and later began with ADR directing. She was part of Blue Gender: The Warrior and a few episodes from Case Closed.

She was also the line producer and the voice behind Shin-Chan in the Funimation dub. Laura Bailey in the world of video games can be identified in the BloodRayne franchise as Rayne and the World of Warcraft as Jaina Proudmoore.

Laura Bailey is also a part of the famous Dungeons & Dragons series Critical Role. In Campaign One, she played Vex/ Vex’ahlia, while in Campaign Two, she played Jester Lavorre. Did you know that Liam O Brien and Laura Bailey, who played the twins in the game, share the same birthday?

Wait! Do you know that she won the honor through the BAFTA Award of Best Performer in a Leading role for her part as Abby Anderson in the Last of Us Part II? The same role took her to The Game Awards 2020, where she grabbed the Best Performance Award. That is not all! She has also won the award for the Last of Us: Part II as a performer in a leading role at the BAFTA Games Award. Owing to her performance in Spider-Man 2018, she earned the NAVGTR award in the year.

Laura Bailey Net Worth

The American voice actor and the director, Laura Bailey, fits perfectly when someone talks of ambition and achievement. On her way to reaching where she is now, she might have faced end number of challenges.

However, the big list of the roles she played on different platforms, the awards and recognition, and the love that you all give her is how she has been rewarded. But, of course, it doesn’t change the fact that we talked about how much is Bailey Worth!

The Net Worth of the voice actress is projected to be near $2 million as of March 2021.

Take sight of Laura’s speech when rewarded for one of her achievements:

We hope you like reading about Laura Bailey! 

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