Kit Buss Actor Critical Role Artist Bio

Which Critical Role fan doesn’t know Kit Buss, right? She is the official illustrator and designer for the Campaign of Vox Machina, which is the first campaign in Critical Role. Kit Buss art is responsible for the character sheets, guest portraits and important scenes that help build up the show.


Kit Buss Critical Role Art and Other Appearances

Kit Buss has created all the awesome character sheets for guest actors. In fact, she has been a guest actor herself on Critical Role as kit buss lilith! We hope you did not miss it.

In Episode 25, titled Crimson Diplomacy, Vax is stranded and trapped in the clutches of Briarwoods. As the team prepares to save him, they come across Lilith, she is a tiefling and a wizard who is fleeing from bounty hunters.

Kit Buss Bio Outside Critical Role 

Buss has dedicatedly worked on ventures and commissioned works outside her Critical Role journey. She has appeared on episodes of Talks Machina, the exclusive talk show for Critical Role where the weekly events are discussed.

She has illustrated for the Twitch and Youtube Channel Geek & Sundry. Kitbuss has commissioned portraits and artwork for the UK production house, Hat Trick Productions.

Apart from the above, she has regularly worked with graphic novel publishing firms and houses like SelfMadeHero and Rebellion Publishing. What are your favorite PlayStation games? Chances are that one of your preferred characters is illustrated by Kit Buss!

On a self-employed level, she is an active freelance copy editor and proofreader who has several collaborations under her belt. You can check out Buss Instagram and Kit Buss Twitter for regular illustrations and Critical Role fanart.

Cloven: Bloodlines

Kit Buss is well known for being the primary creator and author of Cloven: Bloodlines, it is a standalone comic about Lillith Anioska Daturai, before her life and the events of Critical Role.

The author provides a short description of the comic on her official website. Lillith was born in her hometown, Lothburg, but subsequently flees and comes across the lands of Morkland where she meets a group of misfits. These are events before she appears in Tal’Dorei. You can purchase the digital issues from her website.

If you visit Buss’ website, you can access several of her commissioned works, comic covers, illustrations, graphic designs, and fanart. This is a treat for aspiring artists, don’t miss it!

Kit Buss Private Life

Is Kit Buss in a relationship? Yes, Kit Buss husband name is Matt and the couple are parents to a cat named Miko. 

Buss is based in London and has been creating comics and illustrations for the last 10 years. She has immense experience in this field and has regularly collaborated with PlayStation, Rebellion Publication, and Geek & Sundry.

She likes gaming and plays D&D in her free time. A self-described tea enthusiast, Buss combines it with her love for books. She describes her bookshelf as a blend of history, fashion, horror, and comics.

You can get a better glimpse into her life and artwork through her socials on Instagram and Twitter. The username for both is @anemonetea.

Vestiges Critical Role

Critical Role Kit Buss art defines the work for all the characters that appear in Critical Role Vox Machina kit buss. She is also responsible for the portraits and creation of Critical Role Vestiges. The Vestiges of Divergence are powerful artifacts that have originated in the ancient history of Critical Role and are considered symbols of majesty. 

These are Critical Role icons and the following vestiges are found by Vox Machina in their campaign:

  • Cabal’s Ruin
  • Deathwalker’s Ward
  • Whisper
  • Fenthras, Wrath of the Fey Warden
  • Mythcarver
  • Spire of Conflux
  • Plate of the Dawnmartyr
  • Spire of Conflux
  • Titanstone Knuckles
  • Whisper

Critical Role Character Official Art

Buss is responsible for Vox Machina art and Critical Art character portraits. But which are these characters? Let’s take a look.

Vex’ahlia de Rolo

Also known as Vex, she was played by Laura Bailey and is a half-elf and a ranger. Buss first Critical Role art is probably Vex’ahlia Kit Buss created her similar to Vex’s twin brother Vax.


Vax is a half-elf and a paladin – played by Liam O’Brien, he is the current Champion of the Raven Queen.

Taryon Darrington

He is a human artificer, played by Sam Riegel and comes from a wealthy background. Taryon is an alchemist.

Grog Strongjaw

Grog is a goliath and an impulsive fighter. He is a well-known Kitbuss creation and played by Travis Willingham.


Keyleth is a half-elf druid and the current Air Ashari headmaster. Her illustration is a beautiful example of Buss’ talent and innovation.

Kit Buss has also created portraits of guest characters like Zahra Hydris, Kashaw Vesh, Thorbir Falbek, Garthok, and Gern Blanston.

You can check out one of her interviews in the video below:

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