Khary Payton from Critical Role Actor Voice Bio

A shout out to Critical Role campaign 2 fans! Do you remember Khary Payton Critical Role character? Yes, he guest starred as the human cleric, Shakäste in episode 7, “Hush,” and episode 29, “The Stalking Nightmare.”

His character is illustrated with the unforgettable white-hair afro style and eyes that are the whitest of white. He carries a formidable appearance and characteristic personality which makes him one of the most loved guest characters on Critical Role.

Khary Payton Bio

For those who don’t know, Khary Payton is an American actor who has portrayed hundreds of roles in television, movies, video games, and live actions.

The actor was born in Augusta, Georgia on 16th May, 1972. Khary Payton age is 49 years old. What is Khary Payton ethnicity? He is of African American descent.

More About Khary Payton Voice Actor

Khary Payton wife name is Stacy Reed Payton. They were married in 2010 and she is his second wife. The actor was married to his first wife Linda Braddock for 8 years from 2001 to 2009. They are divorced now.

Khary Payton kids are named Karter, his 11-year old son and Maya, his 8-year old daughter. Do you know that Khary Payton’s son identifies as a transgender. On Khary Payton instagram, he revealed that his son, Karter was actually born a female but self-identified as a boy. His dad is very encouraging and described the joy of watching their child explore their identities as “beautiful.” 

Khary Payton Trivia

Khary Payton height is 5 feet 9 inches, or 175 cm. Where does Khary Payton live? Khary Payton usually works in Los Angeles, CA but his parents still reside in Augusta Georgia.

He is significantly active on social media and regularly interacts with his fans. You can follow him on instagram, he has around 520k followers and Khary Payton twitter account, where he has around 176k followers.

What is Khary Payton net worth? The actor has found immense success in the last decade with popular roles. His voice acting and screen acting has awarded him well. His net worth is estimated at around $4 million to $5 million.

Khary Payton TV Shows

khary payton walking dead

Critical Role & DnD enthusiasts, Khary Payton isn’t just known for playing Shakäste on the show. The actor is a fan favorite character, appearing as King Ezekiel in 33 episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Khary Payton Ezekiel is accompanied with a tiger in the show! Another reason to call him king.

He is also known as Dr. Terrell Jackson on ABC’s General Hospital. Khary Payton General Hospital role spanned for 24 episodes.

In a Khary Payton Interview, he stated that he auditioned for his role on TWD alone in a cave with a casting director. He did not even know what the character was or for which show he was auditioning! All he was given is a 4-5 page script which he rehearsed and performed in front of a camera.

Khary Payton walking dead role was very well adapted by the actor. He said that he modeled it after one of his uncle, who had a similar majestic demeanor.

Apart from the above, the actor has acted in several other TV shows and movies as a guest actor. Some of his notable roles are in Hannah Montana, How I Met Your Mother, The Shield, Medium, Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, and Fairly Legal.

Khary Payton Voice Actor

Who plays Cyborg in Teen Titans Go? Does this question come to mind as well? Cyborg’s voice has a commanding persona, yet a gentle tone. Who else could do it better other than Khary Payton.

The actor has had voice over roles for several TV shows. His most notable roles were in Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go and two Teen Titans movies. He voiced Cyborg. Khary Payton Transformers role is also a game changer where he voices the Grimlock. 

Some of the other voice roles that he has played are for :

  • Hex and Manny in Ben 10
  • John Henry Irons in Justice League
  • Cyborg in various other collaboration series.

Khary Payton Video Games Voice

Video game fans, Khary Payton doesn’t leave you behind! He has voiced your favorite video game characters too. Khary Payton Call of Duty voicing was for Knox in the Advanced Warfare version.

Khary Payton World of Warcraft role – He has served as a voice actor for several characters on the Legion and Shadowlands edition of the game.

Khary Payton – What Awards is he nominated for?

For two consecutive years – 2014 and 2015, Khary Payton was nominated for the BTVA Voice Acting Awards for his performance as a lead male voice actor in Ben 10: Omniverse and Transformers: Robots in Disguise.


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