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Jupiter’s Legacy is a live-action superhero series that premiered on Netflix on May 7th, 2021. It was adapted from Jupiter’s legacy comic books author Mark Miller, who first released it in April 2013.

Why is it called Jupiter’s Legacy?

According to Roman mythology, Saturn was the king of gods before he was overthrown by his son, Jupiter, as an act of revenge for swallowing his other children. This lead to the creation of the Roman Pantheon of Gods.

Millar wanted to tap into this mythology in his comic series and try to blend these classic themes into the more modern environment that we currently live in. 

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1


The first season is spent jumping back-and-forth in time within a span of 100 years. We get to see many of the memorable characters from the comic. Most of this season is spent focused on the founding members of the Union set in the 1930s. 

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2

Unfortunately, on June 2nd, 2021, Netflix canceled the show over budget problems, creative differences, and not-so-great critic reviews. Let’s hope they change their mind in future, it’s happened before on these content creation studios. Or even switched between studios.

Jupiter’s Legacy Netflix Cast

The Main Jupiter’s Legacy Cast 

Josh Duhamel 

Played as Sheldon Sampson a.k.a The Utopian, the leader of the ‘Union of Justice’ team of superheroes. He is known as the greatest superhero in that world and has abilities such as flying, super-speed, telekinesis, and slowed aging. 

Duhamel is also known for his work in Transformers, Safe Haven, and the TV Show – Las Vegas. Checkout out our deep dive article on Josh Duhamel here.

Ben Daniels

Playing the character of Brainwave, Walter Sampson is the elder brother of Sheldon Sampson. He is also a founder of the Union of Justice, and he has the ability to look into people’s minds and read their thoughts.

Daniels is also known for his work in TV shows such as The Crown, The Exorcist, and Law & Order.

Leslie Bibb – Jupiter’s Legacy


Playing Grace Kennedy-Sampson, the wife of Sheldon Sampson, who is also known as Lady Liberty. She was a former journalist who first got her powers when she followed Sheldon to a place called “The Island”. 

Leslie Bibb has many gigs under her belt including Iron Man, Zookeeper, and The Babysitter.

Andrew Horton 

The son of Sheldon Sampson, Brandon Sampson struggles to be a good superhero known as “The Paragon”. He is shown to break the rules of the Union of Justice in the first few episodes of the show.

Andrew Horton can be seen in other movies such as How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

Elena Kampouris 

Playing the spoiled and rebellious daughter of Sheldon, Chloe Sampson is a very powerful superhero but spends her life dabbling in modeling and recreational drugs. 

Elena has acted in movies such as Before I Fall.

Mike Wade – Jupiter’s Legacy

Considered to be the most loyal member of the Union of Justice, Fitz Small, a.k.a The Flare, works together with his daughter Petra. He has the ability to fly, has superhuman strength, and can shoot energy beams.

Mike Wade is known for his roles in Road to Juarez and This Is Happening.

Matt Lanter 

George Hutchence is the ‘greatest supervillain’ on the show – Skyfox. He used to be best friends with Sheldon and was a founder of the Union of Justice until he went against their code of ethics. 

Matt Lanter has acted in many roles such as Vampire’s Suck and Timeless.

The Recurring Cast 

Grace Dzienny – Jupiter’s Legacy

Plays the character Ruby Red who is able to create armor around herself.

Tyler Mane 

He plays Blackstar, another very powerful supervillain with an agenda against the Sampsons.

Meg Steedle – Jupiter’s Legacy

Known as Jane, she is Sheldon’s ex-fiance and the reason that started him down the path to becoming a superhero. 

Tenika Davis 

Petra Small is the daughter of Fitz Small and known as The Flare II.

Conrad Coates 

Played as Captain Borges, he is the captain of the ship that Sheldon travels to the Atlantic with.

The Guest Stars


Jess Salgueiro – Jupiter’s Legacy

Known as Jacinda / Shockwave, a member of Hutch’s crew who can emit shockwaves.

Kurtwood Smith 

Playing ‘Old Man Millar’, who is someone who has similar hallucinations to Sheldon.

Anna Akana – Jupiter’s Legacy

Known as Raikou who is an assassin possessing telepathic abilities. *Note – Anna Akana’s sister committed suicide in 2007. These roles were a turning point for Anna in recent years* 

Kara Royster 

Played as Janna / Ghost Beam. A superhero who is one of Chloe’s oldest friends.

Morgan David Jones

Jack Frost is a member of the Hutch crew with cryokinetic powers. Drives a magical van.

Genevieve DeGraves

Playing Margaret Rinsdale in the 3rd episode of season 1.

Matthew MacFadzean – Jupiter’s Legacy

Plays Roscoe in the 1st, 2nd, and 6th episodes. Here’s a fun video of the cast. Also, be sure to check out the cast of other tv shows here. 

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