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The 48-year-old actor and former fashion model Josh Duhamel is making headlines for his lead role in Jupiter’s Legacy, released on Netflix in May 2021. This big-shot television and film star has once again won hearts with his superhero debut in this series. Let’s take a look at Josh Duhamel’s net worth, dating history and general bio information. 

The Jupiter’s Legacy NetFlix cast is a smashing lineup of talented actors like Leslie Bibb, Andrew Horton, Elena Kampouris, and Ben Daniels. Let us take a peek into the life of this charming movie star and his life after Jupiter’s Legacy!

Who is Josh Duhamel?

Duhamel is an American actor most well known for his appearance in the Transformers movie franchise as Captain William Lennox and his role in Shotgun Wedding opposite Jennifer Lopez. He made his acting debut on a soap opera show named All My Children in 2011. 


There are quite a few good recommendations in the list of Josh Duhamel movies and TV shows. If you find yourself asking, “Is Josh Duhamel a good actor?” you should definitely google ‘COD WW2 Josh Duhamel’. Duhamel has shown some stunning work in Call of Duty WW2, where he appears as a protagonist in a World War II setting.

If that still doesn’t ring a bell, try the Josh Duhamel The Office reference. In the fifth episode of season seven of The Office, Kelly Kapoor says that Danny, a paper salesman played by Timothy Olyphant, reminds her of Josh Duhamel. Also, in case you were wondering, yes, Josh Duhamel looks like Timothy Olyphant. 

Josh Duhamel Net Worth

Starting with the most intriguing question that all of us have wondered of prosperous people- what is their net worth? What is Josh Duhamel net worth? How much is Josh Duhamel paid for Jupiter’s Legacy? Presently, Josh Duhamel  net worth is $18 million. 

The gorgeous actor is also the target of curious questions like how old is Josh Duhamel and how tall is Josh Duhamel. Duhamel is 48 years old for the record and boasts an attractive stature, being 6 feet and 3 inches tall. 

Modeling career

Duhamel’s modeling career began in California. In 1997, he earned the title of the Model of The Year in a competition organized by the International Modeling and Talent Association. Initially, he even worked as an extra in music videos of superstars like Donna Summer and Christina Aguilera. 



After exiting the soap opera All My Children, he took up the character of Danny McCoy, a security personnel at the Montecito Casino on a TV show named Las Vegas.  Later, he also starred in Battle Creek in 2015 and Unsolved in 2018. 

Voice acting career

Duhamel is quite versatile in his projects. He has worked as a voice actor on fun animated shows like Fanboy & Chum Chum, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and The Replacements. Moreover, you might have heard his voice in documentaries like Planet Ocean (2012) and a series named Bomb Patrol Afghanistan. 

Business ventures

That’s right, Duhamel has diversified quite a lot. In 2005, he co-owned a restaurant in Minot, North Dakota, his beloved hometown. He put his fame to use for promoting the local tourism bureau. He even starred in a Taco Bell commercial for a menu item featuring Mexican spiced fries with nacho cheese sauce. 


Featuring in an advertisement is not the nicest thing he has done for his hometown. In 2011, he and his then-wife Ferdie raised funds for the Minot Recovery Relief. They created the fund to help out people after a devastating flood in the region. 

Personal life

Looking at this handsome young man, no one would resist googling “Who is Josh Duhamel dating?” or “Josh Duhamel girlfriend.” Well, you are better off asking, “Who is Josh Duhamel married to?” and “Josh Duhamel wife.”


Duhamel was dating Stacy Ann Fergusson, a singer better known by her stage name Fergie. She is a well-known singer, songwriter and actress. She had made an appearance on Duhamel’s show Las Vegas in 2004 with her band called The Black Eyed Peas. 

Josh Duhamel and Fergie got married in 2009 and had a son in 2013. Their seven-year-old son Axl Jack Duhamel is their only child; there are no other Josh Duhamel and Fergie kids. Also, as to “how many kids does Fergie have?”, she too has only Axl. However, the couple separated in 2017 and, two years later, officially filed for and finalized their divorce. 

After the Fergie divorce, he has recently been dating Audra Mari, an American television host and model. She has represented the United States in Miss World, 2016. The Josh Duhamel family includes his mother, Bonnie L Kemper and his father, Larry Duhamel. As for the question of is Josh Duhamel married, he hasn’t yet tied the knot with anyone. 

Besides Jupiter’s Legacy, Duhamel has recently been in the news for his cameo appearance in Love, Victor Season 2. At age 48, Duhamel has a lot on his record to be proud of. He has left behind a colorful list of achievements and has amazing work lined up for him in the future. On that note, the significance of his life’s work is much greater than ‘Josh Duhamel net worth’ alone. There’s clearly far more depth to this wonderful human and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him.

Josh Duhamel New Movie

Well known for his former modeling career, this hunk has taken his talent to act in a number of high profile films including Transformers, Call to Duty: WW11 and romantic movies such as Love Simon and now Shotgun Wedding, which is being filmed in the Dominican Republic.

Shotgun Wedding

Josh Duhamel stars with Jennifer Lopez in a romantic comedy filled with action and a heap of drama with these 2 characters as the bride and groom, a family who are loveable but opinionated. Just as the couple get cold feet the whole party is taken hostage. Duhamel and Lopez must work together and ultimately save their loved ones.

Shotgun Wedding – Movie 2021 Release Date

The plot for this film is fabulous, due to be released June 29, 2022 if promises to be full of excitement as the party is kidnapped by criminals as Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Lopez discover each other after a bout of cold feet

Shotgun Wedding – Movie 2021 Cast

Josh Duhamel 

Stunningly handsome Josh Duhamel has gone from a lucrative modeling career to acting. Playing the role of Tom the bridegroom who gets cold feet, kidnapped and falls in love again with his bride-to-be, gorgeous Jennifer Lopez.

Josh Duhamel Net Worth Dating Bio 19

Jennifer Lopez

Beautiful talented JLo stars with Josh Duhamel in Shotgun Wedding as his bride-to-be Grace in this romantic, funny film filled with drama.

Josh Duhamel Net Worth Dating Bio 20

Sonia Braga

Sonia Braga plays JLo’s mum in this rich comedic action packed film. She is a sultry and sensuous actress born in Brazil.

Josh Duhamel Net Worth Dating Bio 21

Jennifer Coolidge

American born Jennifer Audrey Coolidge, Josh Duhamel’s mum in Shotgun Wedding and has a stunning career going back to American Pie through to Two Broke Girls. Shotgun Wedding her comedic talent excel. 


Leny Kravitz

Leonard Albert Kravitz American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer plays the part of Sean who stars as the globetrotting ex of none other than the bride-to-be Grace. 

Josh Duhamel Net Worth Dating Bio 22

D’Arcy Beth Carden

D’Arcy started her career after graduating from college in Comedy. She emulated her name from  D’arcy Wretzky “Smashing Pumpkins” band by adding the apostrophe. D’Arcy Carden’s career shot forward with a talent for comedy from theatre,  sitcom to movies.  

Josh Duhamel Net Worth Dating Bio 23

Alex Mallari Jr.

Alex Mallari Jr., plays Dogface, a pirate in the ShotGun Wedding and with a number of successful movies behind him including Robocop, The Strain, Nikita, Beauty & the Beast  his dream of becoming an ACTION STAR has come to fruition. 

Alex Mallari was born in the Philippines and raised in Canada and set himself an extremely high standard at whatever he sets his mind to. Tae Kwon Do and competitive basketball were a part of this and he was on the road to becoming a criminal lawyer when his dream really took off appearing in Dark Matter. 

Josh Duhamel Net Worth Dating Bio 24

Selena Tan

Actress from Singapore has taken on the role of Marge in Shotgun Wedding where she is the head of a Resort catering for Weddings.  Selena has an interest life having made fame in Crazy Rich Asians she has a law degree and married a lawyer.

Josh Duhamel Net Worth Dating Bio 25

Desmin Borges

Hailing from Chicago Desmin Borges working with Josh Duhamel and JLo in Shotgun Wedding as Ricky a best friend of Tom’s from his childhood who is on a permanent whisky induced buzz managing to embarrass the groom-to-be, with Utopia and You’re the Worst among his credits.

Josh Duhamel Net Worth Dating Bio 26


Cheech Marin

This very interest man Richard Anthony “Cheech” Marin plays Grace’s (JLo) dad Robert, in this romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding.  With a career spanning from 1970s in Cheech & Chong and more serious role as a partner to Don Johnson as Insp. Joe Dominguez in the long running Nash Bridges.

Cheech  a comedian well know in America for his stand-up performances, acting ability, he talents are endless. Writing, Speaking, well known activist (Cannabis Rights), art collector. His collection focuses on Mexican Americans Artists and is known as Chicano.

Josh Duhamel Net Worth Dating Bio 27

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