Jordan Belfort Net Worth at His Peak, Wives, Bio

The current net worth of Jordan Belfort is -$100 Million. But do you know there was a time when Jordan Belfort’s worth was over $100 Million?

If there’s one person whose life story is a paragon of falling from grace, it’s Jordan Belfort. 

Today, we will uncover the journey of one of the most influential businessmen and authors on the globe Jordan Belfort Net worth, wives, and much more!

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Who is Jordan Belfort?

Jordan Belfort, full name Jordan ‘Ross’ Belfort is a motivational speaker and a famous author from Queens, New York. 

Jordan was a former stockbroker with a net worth of around $100 Million. However, he was convicted for money laundering and security fraud after a major FBI investigation was prosecuted against him and his brokerage house, Stratton Oakmont.

Jordan’s memoir, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ was published in 2007, which turned into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio in 2013. It’s because of the movie, that people often think of Leonardo DiCaprio when Belfort’s name is mentioned anywhere. 

Also, in 2000, a movie name, ‘Boiler Room’ was released that revolved around Jordan Belfort and his firm, Stratton Oakmont Commercial. 

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Besides being a businessman, author, and motivational speaker, Jordan Belfort is an ardent tennis player.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth 2021

Currently, Jordan Belfort’s net worth is estimated to be around -$100 Million.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth 1990s

According to Wealthy Genius, the net worth of Jordan Belfort in the 1900s was estimated to be around $200 Million.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth 2018

In 2018, Jordan’s total net worth was around $100 Million, which was mostly from his businesses and investments. 

Jordan Belfort Net Worth at his Peak

During his peak years, Jordan lived his life like a real king. In the 1990s, Jordan boasted about his incredible riches and luxury assets that had budding entrepreneurs drooling. 

However, no source confirms the exact amount of what his total worth was during his peak time.

An unknown source in 2014 declared that Jordan’s net worth at his peak was around $100 Million. 

Besides, he owned a mansion in Long Island, a grand estate at the Hamptons, a private jet, a fleet of cars, including a white Ferrari, 3 regal horses, and other properties.

Also, he gifted the 167-foot Yacht, owned by Coco Chanel, to his ex-wife, Nadine Caridi. The Yacht, however, sank in the Sea on their way to Monaco. 

Jordan Belfort Early Life & Career

Jordan Ross Belfort was born on 19th July 1962 in the Bronx, New York. Later, Jordan was raised in Bayside, Queens in a Jewish family.

Jordan Belfort Net worth

From a very young age, Jordan was an entrepreneur and sold ice cream with his friend at local beaches during his high school and college. 

He graduated in Biology from the American University and enrolled in a dental school at the University of Maryland School but left on the first day after learning that being a dentist wasn’t a way to get rich. 

Hence, he ended up selling meat and seafood door-to-door on Long Island. Although initially, he had success selling meat and seafood, he filed for bankruptcy when he reached 25.

Through a friend, Jordan got a job at L.F. Rothschild, as a stockbroker trainee but soon he was laid off from this firm. And this is where Jordan’s entrepreneurship journey began.

Jordan Belfort wanted to mint money as his senior stockbrokers did. Therefore, in the late 1980s, he worked for several financial firms and gained all the information he could to start his own firm.  

Finally, in 1989, Jordan polished his sales pitch and started his firm.

Stratton Oakmont Commercial

In the early 1990s, Jordan Belfort founded his company, Stratton Oakmont, which marketed penny stocks in a boiler room setting. 

Belford’s firm was a huge success that employed more than 1000 stockbrokers and assets over $1 billion under management. He used a pump and dump scheme to defraud his investors. 

Unfortunately, the need for minting more money resulted in unscrupulous ways and so the National Association of Securities Dealers had eyes on Belfort and Stratton Oakmont. 

As a result, in 1996, Stratton Oakmont went out of business. Reports claim that Belfort laundered his money into Swiss Banks with the help of his mother-in-law and wife’s aunt.

The decision had Jordan sentenced to jail for four years. However, after a plea deal with the FBI, he served only twenty-two months in jail. Jordan’s scams cost his investors a whopping $200 Million.

Jordan Belfort’s net worth before he was caught was around $100 Million.

Jordan Belfort Personal Life

The personal and professional life of Belfort is a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs.

During his prime time, he had a lavish lifestyle that involved recreational drugs, including Methaqualone or quaaludes.

He also had a disturbed married life. 

Jordan Belfort Wives

As of now, Jordan married two times. His first marriage lasted from 1985-1991 with Denise Lombardo. They got divorced while running his business, Stratton Oakmont. 

Later in 1991, he married a British-born model, Nadine Caridi. They met at a party and tied the knot after dating. Nadine and Jordan have two kids together, Chandler Belfort and Carter Belfort. 

However, in 1998, their marriage ended after Nadine accused him of domestic violence.

In 2008, Belfort started seeing Anne Koppe and they got engaged in 2015. However, they never married and broke up for unknown reasons. 

As of 2021, Jordan Belfort is dating Cristina Invernizzi, who’s a model and an actress.


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Jordan Belfort Second Wife, Nadine Caridi

Nadine Caridi was born in London on 6th November 1962. She met Jordan Belfort at the party while Jordan was still married to his first wife, Denise Lombardo. 

Jordan Belfort Wife

Jordan and Caridi got married in 1991 and have two kids together. They both separated in 1998 when Nadine accused him of domestic and drug abuse. 

Nadine now works in private practice as a licensed marriage and relationship therapist and expert. The net worth of Nadine Caridi is estimated to be around $5 Million.

We can tell that Jordan Belford’s life was so influenced by his second wife, that his character, Naomi in Wolf of Wall Street,  is a true portrayal of Nadine Caridi. 

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