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The first thing that comes to your mind when someone says Jon Heder is Napoleon Dynamite. The indie comedy made him a star and a familiar face in show biz. He acted in many movies that went on to earn handsomely at the box office.


However, where is he now? What is Jon Heder doing?

Is he dead?

Fortunately, the man is alive and kicking. Are you interested to know what’s up with him?

A Look at Jon Heder Filmography 


xNapoleon Dynamite was Jon Heder’s most popular work. His other movies like Blades of Glory and Just Like Heaven performed remarkably well for a new star on the block.

People were really excited about Jon and thought he would be the next one to take on Hollywood. 

He surely had the charm, as you can see in this John Heder dancing in Napoleon Dynamite dance song video:

However, things didn’t go as expected.

What Happened to Jon Heder?

Jon Heder bio has many ups and downs. Well, you can say it’s more downwards after a certain time, around 2006. 

Jon happened to feature in a list of flops that drew the curtains to his Hollywood dreams. The list included movies like For Ellen and Ghost Team that thrilled very few people. 

His fans were still thinking of him as Napoleon Dynamite! 

As a result, Jon shifted out of the limelight into a different arena.

Up to Date Jon Heder Bio 2021

What is Jon up to now?

What is Jon Heder doing now?

Jon started exploring new ways to hit stardom after his series of flops. He looked into voice acting and got a few offers to kickstart his new career. 

Jon Heder voice acting contributions include movies like Monster House, where he took on the character of Skull. 

Jon went on to render his voice for the cute Chicken Joe in Surf’s Up and Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania. His voice also featured in animated series and video games like Pickle and Peanut and Epic Mickey 2.

Moreover, Jon has produced and acted in the web series Woke Up Dead. Jon Heder critical role guest star appearance also won him some fame. 

You also may have seen Jon Heder on Saturday Night Live. Chris Brown and Jon Heder and other celebrities also appear on many shows as guest stars.

So, Jon is not quite out of the scene!

What is Jon Heder Net Worth?

Jon has acted in quite a few films apart from his voice acting. He is also involved with web series and guest appearances. 

According to estimates, Jon Heder net worth is around $15 million. Of course, he still has many more miles to go!

John Heder FAQ: What are Fans Asking?

Jon Heder fans have many questions. So, we are going to try to quench your thirst for knowledge. 

Grab a beer and continue reading!

How Old is Jon Heder?

Jon Heder was born in 1977 and is 44 years old as of 2021.

Does Jon Heder have a Twin Brother?

Jon and Dan Heder are identical twins born to their parents, among other siblings. Jon Heder and brother and sisters had a wonderful time during childhood. 

jon and dan heder twin brothers
Jon with his identical twin brother Dan

Is Jon Heder married?

Yes, Jon is married to Kirsten Bales, his love from his college days. 

Who is Jon Heder’s Wife Kristin Heder?

Kirsten Heder is Jon’s batchmate from his university days and worked as crew in a few movies. 

Does John Heder have Kids?

Jon Heder family includes his wife and four kids, two sons and two daughters.

Is Jon Heder Mormon?

Jon Heder parents were Mormon by faith. Jon says it is a part of him and influences his decision-making. 

Did John Heder Die?

Jon’s death was a rumor that went around for some time in 2005. However, he is fine and active!

Was Jon Heder blacklisted in Hollywood?

Jon was not blacklisted by Hollywood. However, he has not got any major breakthrough recently as his Napoleon Dynamite charisma is not ready to leave him. 

Final Thoughts

Jon is up and active in the show biz realm even today. You can find him giving voice to popular characters on TV and consoles. Plus, he may also be featuring in some web series soon! Are you a Critical Role fan? You’ll find much more about the Critical Role cast, careers and their relationships in our series of articles here on Radvirals.

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