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If you know Safari Man, Lemon Guy, Salamander Man, Pink Guy, and Filthy Frank, you know we’re talking about Joji today. Joji net worth is estimated to be around $9 Million. 

But do you know how Joji- the slow dancing in the dark singer became one of the renowned singers on the planet? 

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Who is Joji?

Joji Net worth
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George Joji Miller, aliases, Filthy Frank, Pink Guy, and Joji is a Japanese rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and a comedian who soared to stardom with his super-hit songs, including Slow Dancing in the Dark, Sanctuary, Gimme Love, and Run. 

Joji Net Worth

According to Wealthy Genius, Joji net worth is estimated to be around a whopping $9 million. His primary source of income is his YouTube Channel, music sale, and book sale.


Apart from his music career, he is also famous for Joji merch, where he sells his official merchandise, including t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and phone cases.

Joji Height

George Joji stands 5ft 8in / 173 cm tall. 

Joji Age

As of 2021, Joji is 28 years old.

Joji Girlfriend

As of 2021, Joji appears to be single. However, previously, he was associated with model Lily May Mac.

Joji Early Life and Career

Joji Miller, real name George Kusunoki Miller, was born on 18th September 1992 in Osaka, Japan. He is half Japanese and half Australian.

He went to an International school in Kobe, Japan. Joji later moved to the USA to receive his early education and attended the Canadian Academy. Hence, he graduated in 2012. 

He also attended the college in Brooklyn, New York, at the age of 18. Around this time, he rose to fame as a YouTube sensation and Internet Celebrity who went by the name of Filthy Frank.

Joji’s YouTube Channels

Joji’s YouTube career began in 2008 when he became part of a group called The Tempura Boyz. He created content based on rants, abuses, and raps on others. 

Joji Miller started his first YouTube channel in 2011 called DizastaMusic, where he posted comic content. Apart from DizastaMusic, he has two more channels; TVFilthyFrank and TooDamnFilthy. 

Therefore, Joji, long before he became a full-time singer was leading an impressive fan base because of his YouTube videos.

Joji’s Harlem Shake Dance

Joji Miller gained international popularity for his contribution to the well-known, “Harlem Shake” dance.  

In February 2013, Joji posted a YouTube Filthy Frank video where he and his friends danced in costumes to Bauer’s Harlem Shake. The video was a pure hit and skyrocketed the song onto #1 of the Hot 100. 

Joji’s Single, Will He

In October 2017, George Miller released his debut single, “Will He.”

Will He is a moving ballad, and the lyrics speak about missing an ex-lover and imagining them in a new relationship. 

Joji Slow Dancing in The Dark Lyrics

Joji’s single, Slow Dancing in the Dark, gave him a career breakthrough. The song is a modern ballad which talks about coming to terms with a failing relationship.

The song “Slow Dancing in the Dark” has been certified 2x Platinum in the USA. 

Joji Sanctuary lyrics

Sanctuary is a lead single and an electro-pop ballad from Joji’s second album, nectar.

Joji second album, Nectar
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Sanctuary talks about trying to get over a potential lover. His single reached number 32 on the Hot 100 charts, becoming the highest-charting single to date.

Joji, Yeah Right

Joji Miller released the song “Yeah Right” in May 2018, becoming his first song to chart at #23 in the R&B Billboard songs charts.

Joji’s Yeah Right has more than 90 million views, and 1.4 Million likes on Youtube.

Joji’s First Album

Miller released his first album, Ballads 1, in 2018. His first album hit the top spot on Billboard’s top R&B and Hip-hop charts in November 2018.

Joji’s first album was a phenomenal achievement in his music career.

Joji’s Book

On 27th September 2017, Joji announced the release of his first book, titled Francis of the Filth.

Joji Book

The book speaks about different events of Joji’s life — from his birth to his lifelong adventures into the Omniverse. Joji’s book was loved by his friends, fans, and family and Joji received a good amount of money through his book sales.

However, in December 2017, Joji Miller announced the terminus of his comedy sketches, including Filthy Frank, due to his health issues. 

Joji’s Collaboration with Diplo

Diplo and Joji collaborated on the song “Daylight” in August 2020 as a part of Miller’s sophomore album, Nectar. 

Daylight’s lyrics talk about helplessness at the end of a relationship. 

Joji and 88rising

Joji is signed to the record label 88rising, which works primarily with Asian-American artists. Besides Joji, Keith Ape, Rich Brian, and Niki are also signed to 88rising.

Joji’s Health Issues

Joji has opened up about his neurological disorder. In an interview, he declared that it gives him stress-induced seizures and that’s the reason he ended his YouTube career.

10 Things Joji Cannot Live Without

In his interview with GQ magazine, the Japanese singer, rapper, producer, and famous YouTuber disclosed 10 things he cannot live without. 

Spoiler Alert: It’s mostly snacks.

 Turns out Joji’s a food freak.

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