John R Donaldson is Vanna White’s Boyfriend

Let’s get to know the man dating one of Amercia’s most well known TV personalities

John R Donaldson is Vanna Whites Boyfriend

John Richard Donaldson business owner, assessor, contractor and developer started in the business in 1989 when  economy was not the best.

His company JDC Construction & Development Group has completed work for  Hollywood celebrities homes and these include  Richard Dreyfuss, Dan Akroyd, and Marin Mull.

John met Vanna White Wheel of Fortune fame, in 2012  and after being introduced by friends became a duo and who White described as being tall, dark and handsome. White reported they do things together around Los Angeles such as travel, attend sports game and  as she described “just normal stuff”

Lets learn more about the man who has  captured the heart of Vanna White as reported through Closer Weekly, Vanna had stated :

“John was kind, understanding and lets me be me.”

John R Donaldson Business Interests, Net Worth, Relationship and Family

Business Interests

John Davidson was determined from early days to enter into construction,  firstly he became a laborer, earning $5 an hour moving timber on a commercial jobsites in San Fernando Valley.  An industrious young man became a carpenter and sought work driving around the area looking for  jobs on framing crews. John went on to join a construction and development company as a lead foreman working with his framing crews on high end properties.

Eventually gaining his contractor’s license he undertook small construction jobs heading in the direction of meeting his goal  running his own shop.

John R Davidson Inc based in Chatsworth was a sole proprietorship until 1992 and was called this until 2014. It was incorporated in 1998 and became JDC Construction and Development. His company is now seen to be very recogniszble in multifamily restoration and rehabilitation.   JDC CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT

Completing a $35mil project in Alameda, California, JDC Construction and Development went on to assignments in Napa, Pinole, Piedmont, Davis, San Jose, and even Seattle and Washington.

Place of Birth

Santa Monica USA


As of 2021 John is 56 years of age.


Presently in a relationship with Vanna White. Little known of prior relationships


John and Vanna have been together a long time and even though they have not married Vanna refers to John as her fiance and husband.  Has 2 step children from Vanna marriage to George Santo Pietro a son Nicholas and a daughter Giovana.  Affectionately known a Nikko and Gigi.

Net Worth

Not able to establish at this time.


On JDC website it is reported John and his partner started out just before the Northbridge Earthquake present them with more business than they could handle.  The company found themselves handling a lot of earthquake damaged homes.

John R Donaldson is Vanna White's Boyfriend 3

The successful partnership ended in 1998 and John took some time off pursuing other avenues. He was met an insurance assessor who requested he quote on the rebuild of an expensive custom home which was destroyed by fire. It did not take John long to realize the estimating on  these expensive homes could actually lead to reconstruction of them.

JDC became successful across California, Seattle and Oregon after John’s company successfully  completed a $35mil build.





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