Get to Know Critical Role’s Will Friedle (Bio, Wife, Anxiety)

Started streaming in March 2015, the American web series Critical Role has earned a huge fan base by now. No doubt, every day, a lot of users fill up their query boxes to know about the show and its cast. By now, the series has come up with two campaigns. It has brought the entertaining characters through Dungeons & Dragons by now. In this article, Rad Virals will take a closer look at the life of one of them. Yes, Critical Role’s Will Friedle! So, are you in?



Will Friedle: Early Life

Will Friedle is an actor, a writer, and a comedian. Presently, 44 years of age, he was born on August 11, 1976, in Hartford, Connecticut. His mother, Patricia Joan, and father, Gary Allen Friedle, are lawyers. He is the youngest among all of his siblings Gary Friedle and Greg Friedle. He is a graduate of the 1994 batch of Avon High School. Being ardent to thrive in the domain of acting, he would continuously go back and forth from Avon to New York for his auditions. Can you feel the zeal?

Will Friedle: Personal Life

Now, it’s time for Friedle’s relationship status. In 1997, he dated Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was also an actress. In fact, the two appeared in a romantic teen comedy film named Trojan War. Not just this, the actress Hewitt also guest appeared on Boy Meets World. However, the two did not continue to date anymore. On 25th September 2016, the actor tied knots with Susan Martens in Connecticut.

Will Friedle with Jennifer Love Hewitt


Will Friedle shares the best friend bond with Jason Marsden. Friedle even stood as the best man by Marsden’s size at his wedding. Both of them are have appeared together in many productions, including Boy Meets World, Static Shock, Batman Beyond, Kim Possible, and Justice League Unlimited. The list also includes Thundercats, Mad, and Transformers: Rescue Bots.

Will Friedle: Professional Life

Eventually, it all resulted in making a name known to all. However, the journey was not always with joy as he had various struggles too. Let’s take a closer tour of his professional life now. He has been in the entertainment world since 1988.

He co-hosted Don’t Just Sit There for Nickelodeon for three seasons. In 1993, he became a part of the long-running sitcom on TV named Boy Meets World. In 1998, he appeared in My Date with the President’s Daughter with actors Dabney Coleman, Jay Thomas, and Elizabeth Harnois.

In 2004, Friedle appeared in National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers. He also starred in Everything You Want for AMC Family. Friedle has been a part of many series by then. In fact, this is not only what he did. He was even behind the voice of Seifer lmsay in Kingdom Heart II’s English version.

His voice has also powered the characters of Gideon Wyeth, and Jaster Rogue in the English version of Advent Rising and Rogue Galaxy. He is also behind the voice of Deadpool, Star-Lord, Ron Stoppable, Doyle, and Blue Beetle. Things are continuing like this and do not seem to stop any soon.

Will Friedle in Boy Meets World

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Will Friedle: Critical Role

In the web series Critical Role, he gave a guest appearance as Kashaw Vesh. He has reprised this role a number of times. In this character, he plays a human cleric, an ally of Vox Machina, and a part of the guild of Slayer’s Take. Do you know how to pronounce his name? It is ‘KASH-aw,’ it is not kuh-SHAW.

Will Friedle: Anxiety Issues

By now, you had a glimpse of his zeal for acting, but as we said earlier, his journey was not that easy. He suffered from anxiety which hindered his way. Even when he wanted to work more on camera, he got anxiety attacks. Thankfully, he had a voice-over as that way, he was able to perform and act.

Anxiety issues started when he was somewhere around 22 or 23 years of age. He even shared it with the crowd when he told about reaching a stage when anxiety turned so severe that he could not take part in on-camera stuff for more.

However, this hiatus ended after he reprised the character of Eric in the Boy Meets spin-off and Girl Meets World. He also revealed the way his castmates had a concern about him. Even though anxiety attacks are somehow different from panic attacks, but it does not mean that they are easy to deal with. It needs courage to not give up, and of course, people like his castmates to support the unwanted expedition.

Will Friedle: Net Worth

So, how much did his zeal for acting added to his value? Yes, Will Friedle has become a great actor and is doing what he always wanted to. However, what about money? Over the years, he has earned a value of $500K.

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