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Brian Awadis AKA FaZe Rug is a pro gamer, a YouTuber, an entertaining prankster, a social media influencer, and an entrepreneur — basically, a do-it-all person with millions of followers.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the YouTuber’s overall net worth, height, girlfriend, career, and age.

So, where are all the YouTube fanatics?

Who is FaZe Rug? 

FaZe Rug’s real name is Brain Rafat Awadis. Awadis is an American YouTube sensation who rose to fame in 2015 when the views on his viral prank video skyrocketed within a short time.


Who is FaZe Rug?
Instagram @fazerug

Born in California to Iraqi parents, FaZe Rug always wanted to be an entertainer and was an enthusiastic gamer long before a YouTube star. And so, in order to continue the legacy, FaZe Rug left his high school and aspired to grow his YouTube channel organically.

Brian is the youngest of two siblings and shares a healthy relationship with his elder brother named Brandon Awadis. 

How old is FaZe Rug?

Ever since FaZe Rug has started his YouTube channel, he’s minting money, making it impossible for us to believe his real age.

FaZe Rug was born on 19th November 1996, and he will turn exactly 25 years this year.

At the tender age of 25, it’s surprising to see FaZe Rug thriving in his career and inspiring thousands of youngsters to follow their dreams.

How tall is FaZe Rug?

Brian stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches / 167.6 cm and weighs around 65 kgs.

Brian is a fitness freak and never hesitates to upload videos of intense workouts on and off over his YouTube channel.

His workout routine and diet plan have gained quite popularity among his followers.

FaZe Rug Career 

FaZe Rug has always been an avid gamer. And so he started building his followership through gaming content, including Call of Duty, and gameplay to hit millions of subscribers naturally in a matter of a few years.


FaZe Rug Career
Instagram @fazerug

Despite his young age, FaZe Rug had a goal, which made him excel at his career. In the gaming world, Brian Awardis moved from clan to clan to join FaZe Clan, which is an American esports and entertainment organization that made its debut on May 30, 2010.

Surprisingly, with his constant efforts, it took FaZe Rug only a year to join FaZe Clan by the end of 2012, and since then, he hasn’t looked back.

Being in the industry for almost 2 years, Brian saw the potential of YouTube and the gaming world. Hence, he followed his passion and pursued this career full-time.

The Viral Cocaine Prank Video

What really made Brian and his channel famous was the prank videos that he was fantastic at. Brian’s most-streamed “Cocaine Prank” video featuring his mother (Mama Rug) spread like wildfire, and it has garnered almost 24 million views up til now.

Brian currently has a whopping 18.8 million subscribers on YouTube and 5.6 million followers on Instagram, making him one of the youngest YouTubers with a striking number of subscribers and followers all over his social channels.

This is what we call success with vision!

FaZe Rug 18 Million subscribers
Instagram @fazerug

It’s safe to say that the 25-years old American YouTuber is a living example of using technology at its best.

FaZe Rug Net Worth 

Brian has this exceptional quality of resonating with his subscribers, so much so it earns him respect and money all at once.

According to Nai BuzzFaZe Rug net worth is estimated to be around $18 million. 

Over the years, through thick and thin, Brian has gained nothing but admiration and love from his followers and subscribers. 

Here’s a breakdown of Brian Awadis’s net worth throughout his career.

FaZe Rug  net worth 2020

According to Forbes, the net worth of FaZe Rug 2020 was around $10 million.

FaZe Rug net worth 2019

According to Comparilist, FaZe Rug net worth 2019 was around $3 million

FaZe Rug  net worth 2018

According to Celeb Net Worth, FaZe Rug net worth 2018 was $1 million.

FaZe Rug net worth 2017

According to YouTubers.me, FaZe Rug estimated net worth in 2017 was around $923.8 K.

FaZe Rug Relationships & Personal Life

Now that we know almost everything about FaZe Rug’s net worth and career, let’s dive a little deep into his relationships and personal life.

FaZe Rug Family
Instagram @fazerug

One thing that we love about Brian is the love for his family that we get to witness in his prank videos on YouTube now and then. He loves hanging around his big brother Brandon Awadis, whose girlfriend Jackie Figueroa happens to be his close pal.

FaZe Rug Girlfriend

Though Brian has not been very open about his relationships, rumor has it he is dating an American model, Molly Eksham. Molly usually makes her cameo in his YouTube videos and appears in pictures with FaZe Rug on all of his social media channels.

FaZe Rug Girlfriend
Instagram @fazerug

Despite the intimacy, the “couple” hasn’t made an official announcement, as of yet. So for now, FaZe Rug doesn’t have any “official” girlfriend. 

We hope to hear some great news from the YouTube star, and let’s pray they don’t pull a prank this time!

FaZe Rug Car

When you earn an impressive amount, you gotta buy riches for yourself and your loved ones. 

2017 was a big year for Brian as he gifted his mom her dream car, G Wagon for Christmas. It was an emotional ride that made us fall a little more for Brian and his love for family. 

FaZe Rug Car
Instagram @fazerug

Anyway, FaZe Rug owns two luxury cars; Lamborghini Huracan with a starting worth of $200,000 and Range Rover worth $85,000.

FaZe Rug House

Brian made a progressive move in 2017 when he bought one of his own houses in California and moved out of his parent’s home.

FaZe Rug house is approximately 6,650 sq. feet with 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Additionally, he enjoys a lavish pool with added security and advanced lighting technologies.

Do you know? 

FaZe Rug is rumored to be “chilling out” with his girlfriend ‘Molly‘ in his house in Poway, California. 

FaZe Rug Talks About Haters and Internet Trolls.

Despite sharing positive content that thousands of people connect with, Brian Awardis has had a fair share of hate and internet trolls.

In a 45-minutes interview with Tom Ward, he shared some of his darkest moments and how he got through them to be one of the youngest, most positive content creators the Internet has gifted us to date.


From FaZe Rug net worth to his professional career, social life, age, height, cars, and house, we’ve covered everything about Brian Awadis in this article. 

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