Erika Ishii: Voice Actor Roles & Relationship

The entertainment industry has become an inseparable part of our lives, so are the artists in it. Erika Ishii is one such name, known for her roles as a producer, actor, voice actor, Twitch streamer, dancer, musician, and host. Her voice has given lives to many characters, including Sagas of Sundry, Sailor Moon, Fire Emblem: Heros, and the list goes on. Erika’s part in Marvel’s Avengers, Cyberpunk 2077, and Destiny 2 is known to all.

Well, for many, this is not enough! Her fans are always intrigued to learn more about her. So, let’s make it easy for you. In this article, Rad Virals will take a closer look at the personal life of Erika Ishii. We will discuss her age, roles, and relationships, so read it till the end!

Erika or Erica?

The internet has been flooded with questions about Erica Ishii’s age or her posts on Instagram. Well, known for her voice, many have forgotten whether it is Erica or Erika Ishii.

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With a following of 78K on Instagram, Erika Ishii is enjoying the appreciation with thousands of likes on her posts.

What is Erika Ishii’s Age?

Erika Ishii took birth on 7th March 1987, which makes her 34 years old for now. However, did you know that her birth name is Erika Mari Abe Ishi?

What is Erika Ishii’s Nationality?

Even though she is half Asian and half Caucasian, Erika Ishii is an American citizen with her hometown in Los Angeles, California. Also, she follows Christianity as her religion.

What is Erika Ishii’s Relationship Status?

Just like the relationship of Critical Role Cast, Erika Ishii, who appeared on the show as a guest, is also being searched for her marital status. Is Erika Ishii married, or is she dating someone? When is she planning to be a wife?

Are Erika Ishii and Taliesin Jaffe in a Relationship? 

Taliesin Jaffe cuts Erika’s hair


In one of the videos aired, Taliesin Jaffe was seen cutting Erika’s hair. The video was adorable, but is it a sign of them having anything for each other?

Though there have been rumors about Erika and Taliesin dating and planning to get married, they have never given any hearsay a green flag. So, when it comes to dating anyone or planning to be wife, Erika Ishii is still not married and has revealed nothing about anyone she is dating.

What is Erikka Ishii Currently Working On?

Erika Ishii’s Movies, Voice Overs, and Television Series

As a voice actor, Erika Ishii has been a part of many video games. It includes Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Shenmue III, Destiny 2, Fire Emblem: Heroes, Fallout 76, Warmachine Tactics, Paladins, Hyper Universe, Monster Prom, Kai, Lead, Sega, Nintendo, and Nexon. However, the list doesn’t stop here.

Erika Ishii has been a part of many TV series. The list includes Paradoxical Parable, Skuby Du and the Demon Director, Gym Buddies, Minor Kinks, Full House, Library Bards: Gandalf!, Sushi Stop, The Shy Guys, Joy Ride, Misdirected, and Magical Red Wedding.

As a host, writer, and producer, Erika owns the credit for many episodes for Geek 360 in 2015. In 2014, Erika brought Minor Kinks and a short co-producer and Magic Night as the associate producer.

Presently, Erika performs in LA by Night as Anabelle, a vampire at Clan Brujah. Marisha Ray and Taliesin Jaffe from Critical Role have also appeared as a guest on the show.

Currently, Bohemia Group Actor represents her at A3 Artists Agency. She became a part of A3 Artists Agency Voice Actor Talent on 1st November 2018. Earlier, she worked with Geek and Sundry. However, before all of it, Almond Talent Agency represented her in 2014.

What are Erika Ishii’s Hobbies and Interests?

For the times when the voice actor Erika is not performing, you can find her surrounded by plenty of things that she is fond of. She likes acting, Japanese dance, cosplay, literature, and violin.

She also spends time reading graphic comics and novels. She is a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy games, and it includes Dungeon and Dragons- Critical Role. Even though she is excellent at everything she does, she leaves no opportunity behind in the quest to refine her skills. It shows her as a dedicated and persistent learner in her passions.

What is Erika Ishii’s Net Worth?

For the question of how much is Erika Ishii’s worth, the figures state $200,000. All of it is a result of her efforts in her career as a voice actress, host, actress, producer, Twitch streamer, musician, and dancer.

Erika Ishii Appeared on Dimension 20

What are Erika Ishii’s Qualifications?

Coming to her educational qualifications, the Ana Bray voice actor owns a Bachelors’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. Apart from this qualification, she has also taken training for her profession and taken part in many workshops.

The list includes Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Education, VO Workout Group by Cissy Jones, Richard Dorton-MoCap Vaults, Upright Citizens Brigade, and ROM School. She has also learned from Audition Technique and Cold Reading by Doug Warhit, Joyce Osborne, and Bill Holmes Voiceover audition.


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