Emma Watson’s Net Worth, Boyfriend and Movies (Pics, Bio, Family)

Making name and fame in Hollywood takes a lot of time. But Emma Watson is one of the very few actresses who got skyrocketed success at a very young age. She gained extraordinary recognition for the role of Hermione Granger in the blockbuster Harry Potter series at the tender age of 11.

In this blog post, Rad Virals is going to show what it costs 31-year old Emma to build a marvelous career in a short period and that too in such a graceful manner. We will also see what she has been doing off-screen until now while still bearing the title of one of the gorgeous actresses of Hollywood. Also, you are going to know about Emma Watson’s personal life, early childhood, awards, and net worth.

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Emma Watson: Love for Theatre

Being trained in Stagecoach Theatre Arts, Emma made it to a series of multiple blockbusters while bagging several prestigious awards. A perfect actress, environmentalist, feminist, supporter of women’s rights, and is the most celebrated actress of her time. Emma kept balancing her lifestyle with grace without any hitch.

Emma Watson’s Awards and Nominees

A Golden Raspberry Award nominee and an eight times winner of the Teen Choice Awards, it makes sense that why she is the first choice of every director. The actress was chosen as a United Nations Brand Ambassador for supporting women’s rights. We can call it an awesome transition from a child actress to a mature and responsible adult actress of the era.

If we talk about what is Emma Watson doing currently, then her recent works include critically acclaimed Little Women, The Circle, and Disney live’s the remake of The Beauty and the Beast. Her absence from Hollywood recently flooded the internet with rumors that were claimed false by Emma herself. She was spotted in Los Angeles spending time with her boyfriend earlier this year.

Emma Watson: Personal Life

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Born on April 15, 1990, in Paris, Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson moved to England after the divorce of her parents. Every fan of Emma wants to know about her personal life including her age, makeup sense, or how tall is Emma Watson? We must say that she is 31 years old (2021). She bravely wears whatever she feels comfortable in.

Emma Watson’s Brother and other Siblings

She used to live with her mother in Oxford shire and spend weekends at her father’s house in London. She has four siblings named Toby Watson, Nina Watson, Alex Watson, and Lucy Watson.

A graduate of Brown University is found in casual outfits on a free day. She carries a certain aura that attracts anyone at first sight. The adorable actress was spotted in minimalist style and fans believe that she wears no makeup while traveling.

Emma Watson’s Dating

Fans have been quite curious ever since the beautiful Emma got busy with modeling and other campaigns after completing Harry Potter Series for a decade. Fans keep looking for the latest news of Emma especially regarding who she is dating these days.

Emma Watson and Tom Felton

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As of now, Emma Watson is only dating her boyfriend Leo Robinton. But we can remind our readers that Tom Felton, a co-star of Emma in Harry Potter had a crush on Emma. Tom Felton and Emma Watson were together from 2001 to 2011 on the sets of Harry Potter.

Fans could spot photos of them together in those years. Also, the actress has dated Mathew Janney an Oxford rugby player, actor Chord Overstreet, and Brendan Wallace. But currently, she is busy spending all her intimate time with American businessman Leo Robinton.

Emma’s Engagement to her Boyfriend

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At the beginning of 2021, Emma was spotted with her boyfriend Leo Robinton who is an American businessman in Los Angeles. While everyone was speculating about Emma’s engagement to her boyfriend, Emma clarified it quite humbly on Twitter.

Is Emma Watson Pregnant?

Emma posted on Twitter that if there will be any good news she will share it with her fans. These rumors are just the media’s way to get more clicks. Of course, who doesn’t know Emma’s personality of being more of a real person than just a movie star? She will share it when the good news arrives.

Emma Watson: Professional Career

Before getting her first career break, Emma performed in several school plays and Stagecoach productions which paved her way towards success at the mere age of 10. Harry Potter’s character Hermione Granger was the first Hollywood character that Emma played.

Based on JK Rowling’s novel the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone broke all the sales records on the first day of its premiere. Watson became a star overnight. The interesting fact to be noted here is she had never acted on-screen professionally before this role in Harry Potter.

Emma Watson in Movies

Watson also starred in a thriller movie Colonia in 2015. Throughout these years Watson had been brave enough to carry the entire possible and interesting role that was offered to her on the way to stardom. She also appeared in a British sitcom The Vicar of Dibley in which she was cast as Reverend Iris.

Emma Watson’s Bling Ring

Her non-potter movies include the movie Ballet Shoes in 2007, The Perks of Being a Wallflower in 2011, The Bling Ring in 2013. Emma Watson’s role in Bling Ring was that of a fictionalized version of Alexis Neiers. The film was based on Bling Ring robberies.

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Emma Watson’s Magic in Harry Potter

Time went by and Emma Watson got busy for the next decade signing the Harry Potter series in every upcoming year. The eight-part series wound up in 2011 with the release of the final film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Beautiful, bossy, and bold Emma became an international star within a decade side by side giving time to her education.

Emma Watson in The Beauty and The Beast

Another blockbuster that made Emma Watson richer is the movie The Beauty and The Beast. She played the role of Belle making it the second-highest-grossing film of 2017. On receiving a positive response from fans Watson said that with the completion of the film she transitioned into a woman on-screen.

In an interview on a premiere in Los Angeles, she said that she was lucky to have performed a role so original. Here is a link to what she discussed in the interview about her role as Belle.

You can watch it here:

Watson’s choice of movies that she had performed shows that she is not only a talented performer but also an intelligent and studious being all her life. She kept her standards high and opted for roles like Belle in the movie The Beauty and The Beast.

Emma Watson: Net Worth

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At the age of 31 years, Emma has managed to acquire a net worth of $80 million which is quite a massive monetary achievement. Once considered as one of the highest-paid actresses of Hollywood, Emma is a kind of actor-activist who has influenced everyone with her higher revenues year over year.

Besides this, she also remained active in modeling, social activities, and other events that promised her a great future with lots of monetary benefits. Fans have seen her growing from childhood on screen and know whether it is Belle or Hermione she will nail it with her beauty and the beads of hard work.

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