Does Felicia Day Have a Boyfriend? (Bio, Relationships, Baby)

From a writer for Dragon Age: Redemption to Charlie Bradbury in Supernatural, Kathryn Felicia Day has made a special place in the entertainment industry. Well, do you know that she embarked on her acting career at the young age of 7? Yes, she appeared as Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird.

It is not the only thing you would want to know about her. After all, you are here to learn about her relationship status, right? In this article, you will! Not just her dating life, but Rad Virals will take you closer to other events of her life. Let’s get started?

Let’s begin with personal life because that’s what we are here to learn.

Felicia Day: Personal Life

Felicia Day was born on 28th June 1979 at Hunstville, Alabama. Apart from starring at the young age of 7, she learned professional operatic singing and ballet and even performed at competitions and concerts across the nation. Throughout the major part of her childhood, she studied through home education. However, she started college when she was 16. Owing to her zeal and efforts, you can count her as a National Merit Scholar.

Not just this, but she is an accomplished violinist too, which opened her gates towards the Julliard School of Music. Yes, she chose the University of Texas at Austin, and do you know it was on a full scholarship basis in violin performance? Graduated at the age of 19, she holds a double major in music performance and mathematics.

Her enthusiasm for video game genres has supported much of her work for the web series The Guild. However, when it comes to aspects other than her professional life, everyone wants to know where she grew up and also about her parents. Unfortunately, we could not find any information about her parents, but she does have a sister named Ryon Day, who also appeared on different episodes of The GuildApart from her, she has an adorable daughter named Calliope Maeve Day.


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Felicia Day: Professional Life

From her podcast interview to her love life, the audience wants to know all about her. Even though her relationship status has left everyone in a state of inquisitiveness but that’s not the only thing you would want to settle with. From her book tour to the reason why she wrapped up at Geek and Sundry, we can take a tour of all.

First of all, her career! As you all know that she is a multi-skilled personality. A violinist, achiever in class, a video game enthusiast, she is all of it. Professionally, she is a writer, an actor, and a creator for web series too. For her notable work, the list of her appearances on films, television, web series, and video games does not seem to end this easily. We have not yet spoken about her list of awards.

In the series The Guild, she doesn’t seem to appear in just one role. Creator, star, writer, she was it all. She is also behind Geek and Sundry. However, just like the way you search for her part in the Critical role, many of her fans also want to know why she left Geek and Sundry. So here, let’s take a look at it.


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Felicia Day the Author

Does Felicia Day Have a Boyfriend? (Bio, Relationships, Baby) 1Does Felicia Day Have a Boyfriend? (Bio, Relationships, Baby) 2

Felicia’s Book, “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost)”, written in 2016 has received massively glowing reviews, most of them like this. Great book, very funny memoir, worth checking out;

“This book was just so freaking good. As a memoir, as a well-written book in a well-captured voice, as a case study in creativity and mental health, as a “you too??” moment, as a “my people!” feel, as a quietly feminist tale, as a source of inspiration and humor and restoration in my faith in humanity (even in the face of more evidence of the dregs of humanity). So good.”


Felicia’s Second Book, “Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity”, written in 2019, was just as received as her first offering;

You’re Never Weird on the Internet is fun, hilarious, and impossible to put down. Reading it is like getting a mega-shot of courage — to be exactly who you are and no one else, to pursue your dreams fearlessly, to embrace your weirdness and wield it like a superpower. If you want to live a life true to yourself and not what others expect of you, you won’t find better inspiration than Felicia Day. If you’re not one of Felicia’s millions of fans yet — you will be.”
—Jane McGonigal, author of Superbetter and Reality is Broken

Does Felicia Day Have a Boyfriend? (Bio, Relationships, Baby) 3Does Felicia Day Have a Boyfriend? (Bio, Relationships, Baby) 4

Felicia Day: Geek and Sundry

In 2012 Felicia Day came up with the announcement of bringing Geek & Sundry, a premium YouTube channel. This channel was behind the production of season 6 of the series The Guild. It has many notable shows, including The Flog, Felicia’s Ark, Vaginal Fantasy, and Co-Optitude. She, along with Wil Wheaton, came up with the series Tabletop. Apart from her part as the executive producer, she often appears as a guest.

Now, here is what happened. In August 2014, the Legendary Picture Production acquired Geek and Sundry. However, Day still has creative control. So you see, she didn’t give up on Geek and Sundry.

Wait, before we go ahead with her relationship status, let’s explore her as a writer. She is the name behind You’re Never Weird on the Internet(Almost) and Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity.

Here is a video of Felicia Day’s Interview, don’t miss it out!

Felicia Day: Relationship Status

Her pictures with a pregnant belly left many with questions like who is the father of her baby? Who is she dating? Is she married? This might also have left many wondering if Felicia Day is Gay. However, she never revealed anything about her sexuality or her dating life.

Back in 2009, when Canadian-American Actor Nathan Fillian’s relationship with Perry Reeves came to an end, rumors were about him dating Felicia Day. Well, none of them confirmed or denied any of those. Even though Nathan dated many others after this, no clarity on what he had with Nathan Fillian has come.

Felicia Day: Net Worth

Before we wrap up, let’s discover how much does a multi-faceted career earned Felicia Day. The American actress, writer, and producer Felicia Day has the net worth of $1 million by now.

Dear readers, that is all about Felicia Day! We hope you liked reading about her.

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