Daniel Fryer, Taylor Hill’s Boyfriend now Fiance (Bio, Career, Family)

Who is Taylor Hill’s Boyfriend, now Fiance?

There is not a lot of media information about this successful young man who has captured the spotlight of late, however following is information found around Daniel Fryer who have is involved in Venture Capital and Private Equity.


Daniel Fryer has a career as the Head of  a London company which is a strategic advisory firm call Cannatlantic,  focusing on the cannabis industry globally. He was most recently the Director of European Development for the Geneva-based company MPX International Corporation and he served as an advisor for Arcadian Capital. Daniel has come into the spotlight with his engagement to Taylor Hill Victoria Secret Angel.

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Starting his education at Eton College in Windsor one of London’s most prestigious School, Daniel Fryer attended University of California, Marshall Business School.

Daniel is proficient in French and Spanish.

Interestingly there have been some very successful people who have attended Eton. These include Henry Fielding (1707-1754), John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) George Orwell (1903-1950), Adrian Cadbury (1929-2015) Hugh Laurie (1959- ), Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall (1965- ) Dominic West (1969- ), Damian Lewis (1971- ) Eton was also attended by Prince William and Prince Harry and the list goes on with a photo of Prince Harry and Eddy Redmayne below. Bear Grylls, Boris Johnson, Benedict Cumberbatch were there as well.


Personal Details Height, Weight, Net Worth, Place of Birth, Age

Height & Weight

Daniel Fryer is 6ft 1″ tall of medium weight (exact figure not publicly known)


There is not much information on Daniel Fryer’s family and Taylor Hill’s family except a lovely photograph of them in Italy celebrating Daniel and Taylor’s engagement. Taylor Hill@taymeesus

Birth Place

It has been reported he was born in 1993 in America and it is reported he grew up in Switzerland however the day and month of his birthday remain a mystery as of 2021.

Marital Status

Daniel appears not to have been married previously and there is no media information on past relationships.

He is now engaged to Taylor Hill Victoria Secrets Model.

On fiancé’s fan page Taylor Hill @taymeesus there is fabulous photo of Daniel Fryer’s parents taken in Italy with his fiancé.

Daniel Fryer’s Career

Daniel has many years experience in Venture Capital and also venture capital. He worked with MPX International Corporation which is based in Geneva, Switzerland as Director of European Development for 2 years.

Prior to this Daniel Fryer held positions as Advisor Arcadian Capital, also Film Finance Cross Creek Pictures, Analyst JP Morgan, Intern at Richemont and more recently Head of Cannatlantic.

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