Critical Role’s Kerrek is Patrick Rothfuss (Author, Quotes, Net Worth)

What is more important to you? Reality or the world of imagination? To find the answer to this, you do not need to dive deep into any factual figures. You cannot live in reality all the time, and that is where fiction comes to the rescue. Making it clear, it is where the fiction writers come into our rich mental escapes. In this article, Rad Virals will take you on a closer tour to one such writer named Patrick Rothfuss. Yes, we are talking about Kerrek from Critical Role! So, are you in?

Well, do you know that the person who guest-starred in Critical Role as Kerrek is a self authenticated fan of the web series? Now, before being a part of the Dungeons and Dragons show, he is a writer who presents his imagination in the epic fantasy genre. Even though his readers love him for all his work and also for his part in Critical Role, do you know which writing of his gained him the most popularity? The fantasy trilogy- The Kingkiller Chronicle. Not just the love from his audience, but it helped him earn a bucket full of awards, and the list for them includes Quill Award and The New York Times Best Seller List.

Patrick’s Popular Kinglikker Chronicles Collection

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Just as intriguing as a writer’s book is, his life holds many interesting instances too. Let’s find out what Patrick Rothfuss has with a glimpse of his personal life:

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Patrick Rothfuss: Personal Life

Born in the year 1973, Patrick James Rothfuss blows his birthday candles on 6th June. So, if you are wondering about his age, he has already turned 48 in 2021. Let’s talk about the place he was born! His birthplace is Madison, Wisconsin. There only, from the University of Wisconsin, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 1999. When in college, he showed his active interest in the campus paper titled The Pointer.

Coming to his further education, Patrick completed his Masters from Washington State University. After that, he came back to Stevens Point(University of Wisconsin) as a teacher. It seems like he had already envisioned teaching when he joined Stevens Point for his graduation.

Following the good happy moments in the initiating period of his career, he received the Writers of the Future in the year 2002 for an extract of his book, which was not published then- the Wise Man’s Fear.

Being his reader, you must have been going for endless searches for his books on Amazon, or other platforms, wondering if there is anything new. Guess What? Here, we have got a closer tour of his writing career!

Patrick Rothfuss: Writing Career

So you see, Rothfuss as a novelist began in 2006 with The Name of the Wind. He sold it to DAW Books, and the book came out in 2007, getting him a Quill Award, along with being listed in the Books of the Year by Publishers Weekly. In 2008, he added another accolade to his list titled the Alex award. Now, in 2017, he came up with an illustrated anniversary edition. Not just this, the sequel of the book- The Wise Man’s Fear, came out in March 2011, reaching the top of the New York Times Hardback Fiction Best Seller List.

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Now, in October of 2014, he came up with a novella titled The Slow Regard of Silent Things. He aimed to make it a companion story for his trilogy – The Kingkiller Chronicle. It was focused on Auri, its character.

Does Patrick write with that unusual pen?

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Rothfuss is also behind two stories, which were existing in the world of The Kingkiller Chronicle. So, are you aware of the list of anthologies here? The first one ‘How Old Holly Came to be,’ came under 2013’s Unfettered. The second was The Lightning Tree, a novella that came out in June 2014’s Rogues. Yes, it is the same that featured the character of Bast. Owing to his creativity, his anthology was one of the nominations for the World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology in 2015.

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Are you wondering about Patrick’s next book?

Take a look at this video where he talks about it!

So, that was a closer tour to his career in writing, but do you know about his active involvement in philanthropic events? Yes, Rothfuss is behind charity Worldbuilders that has raised more than $11.5 million for Heifer International.

Patrick Rothfuss: Critical Role

Now, let’s come to his part in Critical Role. As we reported earlier, the writer is a self-proclaimed fan of Critical Role. However, that is not it! You must have heard him as Kerrek on Hope. In fact, in 1-69, the Passed Through Fire, he came up with a pre-recorded narration that Kerrek sent to Keyleth. He even appeared as a guest player, and it was where he reversed the character of Kerrek in 1-81, What lies Beneath the Surface, 1-82, Deadly Echoes, 1-83, The Deceiver’s Stand, and 1-84, Loose End.

Well, that was about Critical Role, so before we wrap, let’s leave you with some last-minute Trivia about Fantasy Writer.

  1. The writer is a father to two children, but nothing about his partner is known in the public domain.
  2. The fantasy writer does have a literary agent, but at the same time, he is the only one dealing with the publishers directly.
  3. The passionate novelist is believed to have a net worth of $1,00,000 – $1million. We can’t find exact figures in our extensive research.
  4. You can also find him on twitch as he owns a channel on this platform.

So, that was all friends! We hope you liked reading about him. If you did, stay connected with us for more.

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