Cole Bennett Net Worth, Pics and Girlfriend Bio

If you are into underground or independent hip hop, you must have heard about Cole Bennett. He is a music video producer for underground rappers, and his music videos have a low-budget, homemade aesthetic about them.

Many find his music videos appealing (as can be assessed by their number of views on Cole Bennett’s YouTube channel). This phenomenon has shot Cole Bennett to a brand status among underground rappers.

A Cole Bennett-directed music video is publicity in itself, and many up-and-coming rappers want to collaborate with Cole for this very reason.

So, cole bennett what does he do? What is cole bennet net worth? How much does cole bennet charge?

Find all the answers about this young genius here.  

Who is Cole Bennett?

Cole Bennett is an American videographer, music video director, and business executive. He owns a multimedia company called Lyrical Lemonade which specializes in hip-hop and its subgenres. 

He started creating videos when he was still a teenager, and his mother was his biggest supporter. She promoted his passion by gifting him a video camera which he put to good use. 

Cole launched a music blog in 2013 called the Lyrical Lemonade. He was in his senior high year then. He would drive to Chicago film shows and music festivals to connect with hip hop artists and acquire content for his blog.

It was not long before he started producing music videos for underground rappers of Chicago. He is best known for his work with underground and aspiring rappers, but his clientele also includes names like Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Soulja Boy, Eminem, and more.

The Cole Bennett Effect

No discussion about Cole Bennett is complete without speaking about the “Cole Bennett effect.” This effect refers to the brand value of a Cole Bennett-directed music video. 

Many aspiring rappers and SoundCloud rappers think that they must have a song directed by Cole Bennett to receive the necessary boost to their fledgling careers. And they are not wrong in thinking so.

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Data shows that Lil Xan clocked about 227 page views before he collaborated with Cole Bennett. After his song video “Betrayed” (directed by Cole Bennett) hit the market, his page views per day were around 9426.

It is undeniable that Cole Bennett has a reach and influence in the rap circle that few music video directors have. The look, mood, and feel of his music videos are highly appealing to the rap audience.  

Cole Bennett has successfully made himself into a one-way ticket to stardom for underground rappers.

Cole Bennett’s Steady Rise

Cole Bennett did not achieve this ridiculous amount of success overnight. The journey started in 2013 through the launch of his YouTube channel. 

In the beginning, it was like any other millennial YouTube channel. There were some low-budget, independent rap music videos. But constant development and hard work transformed the channel into one of the largest channels on YouTube.

The channel’s first video was the song “Call of the Wild” by Bnova. It was posted in 2013, and that was the only video posted that year. In 2014, Cole Bennett directed and posted nine music videos by various artists. Each of those videos got a few thousand views.

This trend continued till 2015. Cole got his first million views in 2016 on the song “Ski Mask” by Smokepurpp. The average number of views per video started rising steadily after “Ski Mask” was released.

Cole’s most viewed video happened in 2018. The song’s name is “Lucid Dreams” by Juice Wrld. That video has clocked over 673 million views to date. 

All of his videos since 2018 have received a million views. 

Cole Bennett’s personal information

If you want to know what software does cole bennett use or how to edit like cole bennett, there is nothing much we could find regarding those. However, here are some details on Cole Bennett.

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How old is Cole Bennett?

Cole Bennett was born on May 1996. That puts Cole Bennet age at 24 years. 

How tall is Cole Bennett?

Cole Bennett height is 5’10” or 178 cm.

Who is Cole Bennet girlfriend?

Cole Bennet is reportedly dating Lana Marie. She is a photographer.

What is Cole Bennett net worth?

Cole Bennett is currently worth the US $2 million. His sources of income are music video sales, YouTube views, and Lyrical Lemonade merch sales. But, no one knows about cole bennet music video price. 

Cole Bennett Twitter and Instagram

Find more about Cole Bennett below:

His Twitter username: @_colebennett_

His Instagram username: _colebennett_

What is Lyrical Lemonade?

Lyrical Lemonade is the brainchild of Cole Bennett and is the sole reason for his success. Lyrical Lemonade started out as a music blog in 2013 and now is a sought-after multimedia company. 

It produces music videos for both new and established hip-hop artists. It also has a website where you can find exclusive content like in-house music videos, interviews, and stories about the hip-hop world.

Lyrical Lemonade’s YouTube Channel is a huge success. It has over 7.1 million subscribers and over 7.5 billion total views. Cole Bennett posts all his directed videos on the website and YouTube channel.

Cole Bennett also sells lifestyle products under the Lyrical Lemonade banner. The products are shoes, clothing items, and Lemonadee. Cole Bennett replied this when asked about producing and marketing the unconventional product of a Lyrical Lemonade drink, “I really want to compete with Minute Maid and all of the elite lemonade and juice companies, and I think we can do that.

The Cole Bennett Lyrical Lemonade hoodie hit the clothing market after the company collaborated with Jordan Brand. Besides a hoodie sweatshirt, the collection includes a full-sleeve t-shirt and an Aerospace 720 shoe.

Lyrical Lemonade collaborated with FTP, and their collection includes a t-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, and Lemonade cans. 

Cole Bennett Ted Talk

One of the many feathers on Cole Bennett’s cap is his inspiring Ted Talk. He explained the importance of having an optimistic attitude towards life, and success is all about having a positive attitude. 

In the Ted Talk, Cole described optimism as a “subconscious way of prioritizing happiness.” Success is just a matter of time especially when you learn to look at life optimistically.

Cole stressed that most of his mentors and collaborators have an optimistic attitude. They are problem solvers. He also spoke about the importance of having challenging but achievable goals. 

If you’re unsure who is Cole Bennett, check out Cole Bennett youtube video here. It’s very inspiring and you must watch it till the end. If you want to know about other celebrities like him, click here. 

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