Top Facts about Tana Mongeau (Boyfriends, Sugar Daddy, Family)

Top Facts about Tana Mongeau (Boyfriends, Sugar Daddy, Family) 1

Tana Mongeau has  5.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.5 million Twitter and to top it off 5.7 followers on Instagram, yes that is right this entrepreneurial young woman has hit the news with yet another bit of astounding news. Boxing seems to be finding its way to just about any influencer and Tana Mongeau … Read more

Liam O’Brien Illidan Voice Actor (Critical Role, Cancer, Wife)

Liam O’Brien

The journey of a voice actor begins with a voice-over, which then turns into the voices of millions of people on the other side. Liam O’Brien is one such voice actor who is a part of many cartoons and video games. The list includes Naruto’s Gaara, Ergo Proxy’s Vincent Law, Bleach’s Captain Jushiro Ukitake, Code … Read more

John R Donaldson is Vanna White’s Boyfriend

Vanna and John together

Let’s get to know the man dating one of Amercia’s most well known TV personalities John Richard Donaldson business owner, assessor, contractor and developer started in the business in 1989 when  economy was not the best. His company JDC Construction & Development Group has completed work for  Hollywood celebrities homes and these include  Richard Dreyfuss, … Read more

Jon Heder Bio (Voice Actor, Critical Role)


Read our Jon Heder bio with the latest updates! The first thing that comes to your mind when someone says Jon Heder is Napoleon Dynamite. The indie comedy made him a star and a familiar face in show biz. He acted in many movies that went on to earn handsomely at the box office.   … Read more

Marisha Ray Voice Actor (Wiki, Married)

marisha ray voice actor

Marisha Ray voices many of our favorite characters. She is famous for lending her voice in Critical Role for characters Beauregard and Keyleth. She has also contributed to movies like Final Fantasy XV: Comrades and Far Cry New Dawn.   Facts About Marisha Ray Voice Actor Here are 7+ cool facts about Marisha Ray, voice … Read more

Sam Riegel’s Net Worth (Emmy, Phoenix Wright)

sam riegel net worth

Sam Riegel is among the most popular voice actors known for shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. People also know Sam Riegel for Ace Attorney. He is also a famous director and writer, with notable titles behind his name, like Critical Role. Today, Riegel is our guest, and we are going to learn all about … Read more

Get to Know Critical Role’s Will Friedle (Bio, Wife, Anxiety)

Get to Know Critical Role's Will Friedle (Bio, Wife, Anxiety) 15

Started streaming in March 2015, the American web series Critical Role has earned a huge fan base by now. No doubt, every day, a lot of users fill up their query boxes to know about the show and its cast. By now, the series has come up with two campaigns. It has brought the entertaining … Read more