Businessman Andrew Frankel, His Net Worth, Career and Private Life

Andrew Frankel is one of America’s top business tycoons. He continued his father’s business to the new era, all the while contributing his own business management style and skills.

Businessman Andrew Frankel, His Net Worth, Career and Private Life 1

Before fully joining his father’s company, Andrew worked in various films as a brand manager. This experience outside of his father’s business gave him practical knowledge and allowed him to hone his management skills further. This is why it is no surprise that he’s been able to manage the business that his father successfully established. 

Apart from his success as a business tycoon, Andrew Frankel’s name created waves when he was linked to model and Hollywood actress, Bridget Moynahan. 

In this article, we’ll share you with your interesting facts and information about Andrew Frankel, from his personal life to career and net worth. 

Businessman Andrew Frankel, His Net Worth, Career and Private Life 2

Andrew Frankel – Personal Life, Family, and Early Years

Multi-talented businessman Andrew Frankel was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 20, 1974 to Stuart and Sharyn Frankel. He was lovingly raised by his parents.

His father, Stuart Frankel, was best known for being a successful business tycoon. He established the brokerage firm Frankel & o Inc. in 1973, just before their son Andrew was born. Meanwhile, Sharyn Frankel stayed at home to focus on caring for the family.

When asked about his early years, Andrew would recall that he grew up under the wing of his father. Because of this, he learned from a very young age the value of hard work. Watching his father manage his business, Andrew learned several tricks. He also aspired to be as successful as his father. Meanwhile, his mother nurtured the family and supported him, allowing him to develop and hone his own innate talents.

As Stuart Frankel’s son, Andrew was naturally expected to follow his father’s footsteps and eventually lead the business. However, he cannot do that with only his birthright alone. He also had to earn the honor to continue his father’s business. He had to ensure that he is well-educated. Fortunately, getting a good quality education was not a challenge for him, since he came from a well-off family. He only had to be determined to study and finish schooling.

He completed his primary education at a local school in Philadelphia. In 1990, he entered the University of Pennsylvania to take a bachelor’s degree in economics. He graduated in 1994. Before he finished his bachelor’s degree in economics, Andrew already got hands-on experience in his father’s business. In 1993, he started contributing to the business while learning about it as well.

Stuart Frankel's NYSE
The New York Stock Exchange welcomes Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc.,

More often than not, people need some helping hand and support in one way or another to achieve their dreams. As for Andrew Frankel, it was mainly his parents who served as the wind beneath his wings, so to speak. He was given the care and support that anyone would love to have and experience. 

However, to manage huge businesses, it’s very important to have a solid educational background as well as certain technical and soft skills. Extensive experience is also needed. In the case of the Frankels, Andrew couldn’t have simply inherited his father’s “throne”. Somehow, he also had to work hard to earn it and be worthy of it. 

True enough, Andrew chose to follow his father’s footsteps, leading him to pursue an education related to business. As mentioned above, before graduating and getting his degree, he had first-hand experience working in the company in 1993, albeit not on a full-time basis at the time. Nonetheless, it gave him an idea of how things work in their business.

Before joining his father’s business full-time, Andrew joined several smaller businesses. This is where he was able to gain and hone the experience and skills he needed to ensure that he can manage his father’s business. 

Interestingly, among Andrew’s first jobs was with movies. In 1989, he worked with the team of the movie Alien Space Avenger. He also worked for TV, getting himself involved in news reporting, anchoring, camera operation, editing, writing, and teleprompter operation at UTV13 News Digest. In 1994, Andrew appeared in a Chevrolet commercial. 

Slowly but surely, he successfully joined his dad’s company on a full-time basis. However, he also pursued his other passions and own businesses on the side.

When it comes to the business his father started, Andrew currently serves as co-manager. He oversees the company’s sales efforts, as well as its US cash equities trading desk at the New York Stock Exchange trading floor.

Family History, Ex-wife, children.

Andrew Frankel was previously married and had 3 sons who now live with Andrew and his wife Bridget and John Elives Edward Thomas Moynahan also joins the clan and is pictured below with his dad Tom Brady

Andrew Frankel’s Stepson

Businessman Andrew Frankel, His Net Worth, Career and Private Life 3

Andrew Frankel’s stepson Jack with his mum  Bridget Moynahan.

Businessman Andrew Frankel, His Net Worth, Career and Private Life 4

There no information available on Andrew Frankel’s first wife.

Andrew Frankel’s Romantic Journey With Wife Bridget Moynahan

n October 17, 2015, Andrew Frankel married Bridget Moynahan, making them one of the most beautiful couples in show and corporate business. Bridget Moynahan is a model and international actress. For reference, she played as the wife of Keanu Reeves’ character in the John Wick films. Bridget was previously married with NFL superstar Tom Brady, who is now married to Gisele Bundchen.

Andrew and Bridget’s wedding was held at Wolffer Estate Vineyards in Sagaponack, New York. It was actually a surprise for the guest. Only a few family and friends attended the formal ceremony, including Bridget’s son Jack, who she shares with ex Tom Brady who is now married to Gisele Bundchen.  The rest of the guests were surprised to realize that they went to a wedding reception, not a simple harvest moon party.

To date, Andrew and Bridget do not have a child of their own yet. However, both have already been blessed with kids from their previous marriages. Nothing much is known about Andrew’s ex-wife, but he had three children with her. Meanwhile, Bridget shares one child with Tom Brady. 

Businessman Andrew Frankel, His Net Worth, Career and Private Life 5

Tom Brady with his and Bridget’s Son.

Andrew Frankel – Net Worth

Of course, many people are interested about how much 45-year-old business tycoon Andrew Frankel is worth. Given that he is a business tycoon, we can assume that we’re talking about millions of dollars here. Since he had big successes both on his own and as part of his father’s company, Andrew Frankel has an estimated net worth of at least $70 million.

Andrew Frankel’s Bio, Age, Weight, Height

Date of Birth 20 August 1974

Age 46 years

Height stands 6 ft tall or 183 cms with grey eyes and brown hair.

Weight 165 lb or 75 Kilos


Andrew attended local Primary school in Pennsylvania and after graduating from High School attended University of Pennsylvania.

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Philadelphia, USA – July 17, 2018: People walk in campus of Pennsylvania State University in Philadelphia. Penn State dates back to 1855.



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