Alice Fredenham Net Worth, Career, Albums And Private Life

Rising to fame as a Britain’s Got Talent contestant in 2013, Alice Fredenham wowed audiences with her unique and classic jazz performance of My Funny Valentine during the audition. She walked into the stage with apparent stage fright, but once she started singing, she instantly charmed the crowd with her goddess-like voice. 

However, with fame also comes challenges and controversies, which all but further strengthened her appeal to her fans who have supported her career since.

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If you are one of the fans who has been caught by Alice Fredenham’s charm, read on as we take a closer look at her life, career, and everything in between.

Alice Fredenham’s Personal Life

Family and Early Years

Alice Fredenham was born in 1985 in Harpenden, United Kingdom. She was raised in a loving household, in a typically British way of life. 

At a young age, she already exhibited artistry and creativity. She was aware of her talents and wanted to hone them. She held onto her craft and dreams as she entered St Albans Girls’ School (STAGS) in St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK. 

A good student, Alice didn’t take long to realize that she needed an outlet that will allow her to express and utilize her talent and creativity. So, while in St Albans, she decided to utilize and practice her love for music by joining the school choir. 

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Jobs and Quitting School

When Alice grew old enough to get a job, she worked as a beauty therapist. At the same time, she also took singing gigs on the side. She performed in gatherings and celebrations, such as weddings and corporate events. Besides earning money, these part-time singing gigs allowed Alice to practice singing and improve her voice even further. 

Though singing in events may not come off as unique or extraordinary, Alice’s exceptional charm set her apart from others. Unlike other wedding performers who loved the stage, Alice had to struggle and fight against her stage fright, which, according to her has been her bane ever since. She also differs from other wedding singers in terms of music choice. Alice has always been drawn to classic, evergreen music.

During these years, Alice stopped attending school to focus on building her singing career. Although some may consider the decision unfortunate, it probably wasn’t for Alice. Depending on how one looks at it, quitting school could have been for the better. As Alice once stated, school was taking her to a direction that is opposite of the path she wanted to take, which is music.

With more time to focus on her career, Alice continued to master singing while still working as a beauty therapist. 

As of late, it has been reported that Alice still lives with her parents in their £1million family home located in Harpenden, Herts.

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Boyfriends and Relationships

Not much is known about Alice Fredenham’s personal and romantic relationships. However, one can perhaps deduce that it is through her love for music that she also found the only man currently known to have been romantically linked to her. This man is Joe Lenzie. 

Joseph Aluin “Joe” Lenzie is one part of the British DJ and music production duo, Sigma. He has played a monumental role in Alice’s career development. According to Alice, it was her boyfriend Joe Lenzie who convinced her to give auditioning at Britain’s Got Talent a try. 

It is safe to say that Joe was one of the few people who has showered her support while she was still struggling to build her career as a musician. If not for his encouragement, Alice may not have auditioned at BGT and her talent is still a secret to the world until today.

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Alice Fredenham’s Career

Although Alice has been singing in events and parties for years, she didn’t have any professional singing and music training. Furthermore, it wasn’t until she decided to join television talent shows that she gained popularity and a strong fanbase.

Talent Shows: Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice UK

As most people know, Alice Fredenham’s musical career skyrocketed when she joined Britain’s Got Talent Series 7 in 2013, which aired from April 13 to June 8, 2013 on ITV. Then 28-year old Alice, clad in a modest white long-sleeved top and jeans, performed her rendition of My Funny Valentine during the audition. 

Her audition became extra memorable as she came up on stage shaking with nerves. In the backstage interview, it was revealed that she was so nervous and afraid to fail, so much so that she did not tell her family about her plans to audition.

Once she began singing, it didn’t take long for her to make the judges and audience fall in love with her shy charm and powerful voice. Simon Cowell even likened her voice to “liquid gold”. Unsurprisingly, she got a “yes” from all of the four judges.

Alice was one of the 45 acts that made it through the two rounds of auditions. She competed in the Semi-Final 2 against eight other acts. Unfortunately, she was eliminated, losing to comedian Jack Carroll and fellow singer Gabz.

About a week or so later after her BGT audition aired, Alice appeared on BBC’s The Voice UK. According to sources, The Voice’s blind auditions were taped two months before BGT’s auditions (BGT auditions were filmed in February 2013, while The Voice auditions were filmed in December 2012). 

Unfortunately, her Lady is a Tramp performance wasn’t enough to make any of the judges turn their chairs.

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Controversy: Did Alice Fredenham Fake Stage Fright in BGT?

While it’s not unusual for talent show contestants to be seen auditioning in more than one show, Alice Fredenham’s The Voice audition sparked controversies. This is primarily due to her overall look and projected personality in the show. 

During her The Voice audition, she was surrounded by her family. She also wore a low-cut tank top and a tight-fitting skirt. Not only that, but she also had an upbeat, bubbly persona — a far cry from the timid and modest Alice everyone saw at BGT.

Because of this, some thought that she might have faked having crippling stage fright when she auditioned at BGT with the intention of gaining more sympathy and attention. Furthermore, some sources also revealed that Alice was actually under management before she joined both talent shows. 

A video of her recording My Funny Valentine in a professional studio also surfaced. These led people to think that everything could have been a publicity stunt.

A month later, Alice finally broke her silence regarding the issue. She claimed that the rejection she experienced in The Voice took a toll on her confidence and that it left her heartbroken. She hit a really low point, until she got a call from BGT and her boyfriend Joe Lenzie convinced her to go for it. Britain’s Got Talent seemed like her last hope to achieve her dreams.

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Despite not making it through BGT 2013’s semis, Alice has garnered so much popularity and built a strong fanbase. Because of this, Sony Records got interested in producing her first-ever album. Alice got into a demo deal with Sony. Sadly, Sony released her from the demo contract and eventually turned down a full-album deal.

Instead of giving up on her dreams, Alice decided to continue producing the album on her own, with the help of her fans and those who support her. After some soul-searching, she tried to raise money through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The funds raised helped her record her music in a professional studio and allowed her to hire session musicians. 

After raising 40 thousand pounds, Alice was able to record and release her first album, Under the Covers. The album included the songs Coconut Grove, Someone to Watch Over Me, Wild Wood, and her BGT audition piece, My Funny Valentine.

Alice Fredenham’s Net Worth

It is not exactly known how much is Alice Fredenham’s current net worth, although some sources estimate it at around $250,000.

Alice Fredenham Pictures And Wallpapers

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  1. Alice Fredenham’s “my funny valentine” rendition is sooo sensual, hot and captivating! 😉 I wish someday she’ll consider singing the song “the nearness of you” these are the songs that fits her sultry style,

      • I miss her after all of these years! I thought she would be the new Sade Adu; however, Alice had low self esteem and was too scary for Sony. She needed for spunk and upbeat songs to make her look like a hard worker. Her lack of confidence and nervous nature is what I believed turned Sony off. She was too shy. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Get some counseling. She didn’t believe in herself. He held her head down a lot. Sony needed her to be more assertive and self reliant. She lacked this. Her parents probably smothered her because she is sooo beautiful. Wow!!! I wish she was more courageous and went out there and fought the good fight. Her final song on BGT should have been something more upbeat with high pitches. She would have definitely won over a Comedian. Come on now!!! She’s probably still scared somewhere hiding!!! She pulled all her social media pages which shows she doesn’t handle disappointment well. She should’ve never given up. She had a lot of people behind her.

  2. Alice is a fabulous singer. She has the most gorgeous voice. Her talented is being wasted. I don’t care if she doesn’t have stage fright. Who cares. So she could also be a wonderful actress!! Someone sign the beautiful lady . How could I have already said that?? First time I have written anything!!!

    • Alice Fredenham is gorgeous , can sing like an angel and so talented. Don’t waste this girls talent. Put her in movies. I want to see her on broadway. I don’t care whether she has stage fright or not!!

  3. I totally loved Alice Fredenham. Wow, what was soney thinking, im sure a story as to why they didn’t hook up. But she has talent like Noone wth that beautiful voice. Plz tell me more about her.

    • The story behind it is Sony needed Alice to be more self confident; more assertive. That shyness after awhile with that gorgeous voice and sultry voice should’ve never been over looked. Sony was turned off by this. They needed her to believe in herself. Her parents should have got her counseling to become more outgoing and more assertive. I love her and wish she would audition again. She would get that big break. She’s more mature now.

  4. Alice should have made it bigger than big! Instead we have Fantasia, who doesn’t come close with that horrible squeaky, baby voice, who makes it big! I find that incredible! Alice may also have the sexiest singing voice as well; A REAL SHAME!

    • You are right Larry!!! However, in this business you cannot be afraid, shy, have a low self esteem. The judges had to keep telling her this. She had no self confidence and it just doesn’t happen over night!! She did not believe in herself so Sony didn’t waste anytime dropping her.

  5. What a waste of pure hot hot talent,her voice is the greatest ever why was she let go???? I honestly think she was too good and the powers to be didn’t support her as they should have was she a real threat to another’s favourite??? I wonder.

    • No she wasn’t a threat. Alice didn’t believe in herself. She lacked self confidence, she had poor self esteem and you don’t get this overnight. She needed communication therapy!!! Sony would have signed her big if she believed in herself. They dropped her before the demo because she was so afraid of moving ahead. She needed more 1:1 support. I remember the judges saying, “Alivce, look at me, you are great; you don’t have anything to worry about. Yet she couldn’t be assertive enough for Sony to move forward with her so they released the contract. Show Biz is what it means SHOW BIZ!!! Not shy biz!!

  6. It is ludicrous to think that we cannot purchase this beautiful singer’s albums. When one thinks of some of the crap out there who have made it. For Sony to cancel her contract is crazy. I only hope she get’s back on track because there are many ,many, of us out there who want to hear that fabulous voice. She should also be touring once this Covid menace is eliminated.

  7. Would love to hear you again! The Nearness of You would be perfect!
    Watched you in BGT.

    Love from Sweden❤👏

  8. I think that Alice Fredenham has the most beautiful and captivating voice I’ve ever heard since Amy Winehouse (even though I hate making comparisons but it is a real compliment to Alice). I think Sony really screwed up big time not letting Alice complete her album. Although I must say that the kind of songs that she should have been singing on the album should have been more like the ones she auditioned with on Brtitain’s Got Talent, not what ended up being on the album. I am positive that if her album had the kinda 30’s songs that were sultry and seductive and jazzy/blues like the ones she did on BGT, the album could have definitely been a huge success for her. Alice, please don’t ever give up! You have a very unique voice, like no other. Yes, there’s tons of competition but you just HAVE TO GO FOR IT!!!!!!! I look forward to hearing your next album.

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    Up and coming writer? Give this girl a break! She could be really big and has real maturity whilst looking vulnerable! Great combination!

  11. Exquisite, powerful, emotionally charged voice and electrifying performance of ‘My Funny Valentine’… surprised that Simon didn’t take you under his wing….. wish you all the very best for your life and career!

  12. My funny Valentine is one of my favourite songs and especially sung by Ella Fitzgerald, the singer I put above all others. When Alice Fredenham sang it on BGT, she shocked me I heard the same power in her singing as I’d heard from the glorious Ella.

  13. I think Alice is wonderful at singing,Sony lost their mind by cutting her contract.I hope you keep it up your voice is Unforgetable!

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  15. Scrolling through YouTube for memorable singing, I too have just discovered Alice. No one sings like that anymore – not since Sinatra, Billie Holiday or Peggy Lee (whose playlist in her album “The Man I Love” would be perfect for Alice). I’ve rushed out to order her album “Under the Covers” (at She shouldn’t worry about Sony. In ’62 Decca knocked back The Beatles, who in ’63 went to Number 1. Going by the reactions of the audiences at BGT, both young and old are crying out for someone real like Alice.


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